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Deepavali Subhakankshalu

This year's Deepavali Pic at Home 🙂

Mee andariki Deepavali Subhakankshalu( Deepavali wishes to all of you) 🙂

Deepavali Festival “The Festival of Lights” represents the victory of good over evil (Rama’s victory over Raavan), it represents the necessity of women exploring their full potential and respecting the power they have in eliminating the evil in the society(Satyabhama’s battle on Narakasura ) and Deepavali does represent the aspect of respecting the wealth we have, proper utilization of the wealth(Some stories in Indian Mythology say that Goddess Lakhmi’s Birth is on Deepavali Day. )Goddess Lakshmi is symbolism of wealth, Light and Happiness. Thats the reason, people worship Lakshmi on Deepavali.

Deepavali is completely about celebration with lights, sweets and good time of celebration with family members.

Wishing all of you Happy Deepavali to all of you. Have a lovely and successful year ahead.

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu




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