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Miss You Mamma!!!

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Today I miss my Mamma(GrandMa) a lot!!!  What to write about my Mamma!!! Lots of memories!!! Lots of sweet memories!!!

She was very innocent and serene.  The pollution of this world did not reach her and her thought process. She never really bothered about riches and poverty because she experienced extreme richness and extreme poverty in her life. She was the only person in the world who loved me for What I am. For her I was the most intelligent child. For her I was the most courageous child!!! For her I was an “all in one book”!!!

My Mamma was my secret locker. I used to tell her all my secrets. I used to discuss with her all my thoughts about my study, life…blah blah. I am not sure if today’s kids have this wonderful opportunity of listening to Grandma’s tales but I was really blessed in this aspect. My Mamma used to tell me hundreds of folk tales and I never used to get bored with her tales. She even used to sing for me…not the lullabies though!!! She learnt carnatic music for a while in her childhood and I was her solo audience.

Best time was during warm winter Sunday mornings!!! After the headbath, to have the warmth of Sunshine…Mamma and Me used to go the terrace and used to spend time there. We used to water the plants, clean the dried leaves in the plants and arrange the flower pots. We used to do this work in slow motion, so that we can kill sometime speaking all the things in the world. This sweet and slow motion task of ours used to end with the yelling of my Mom. She used to scold both of us for spending time in hot Sun(by the time we used to come back to downstairs…the warm morning used to turn to hot sunny afternoon).

My Mamma was a mad Brinjal vegetable fan. She used to eat Brinjal curry, Brinjal pickle 365 days, 24 X 7. She used not to get bored!!! Her creativity in cooking used to move around Brinjal!!! Her favorite breakfasts were idli and vermicelli upma. God!!! May be they were easy to eat!!!

All through the days of study, in our home, all of us used to wake early morning to study. Basically our day used to start at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and the day used to end by 9:30 pm maximum.  My Mamma used to sleep by 7 pm and sometimes if by mistake if we study upto 10 pm and if she finds us awake in the “midnight” 10 pm, she used to scold us by saying with a sweet angry tone “Don’t study that much!!!!! Don’t spoil your health!!! You are sooo hardworking my child!!!”. In such situation, this  type of pampering of my Mamma used to make me really feel like the Atlas who carried the Earth…so I used to immediately close the books and sleep.

Today, I really don’t know in which timings I work and which time zone I am awake. I really don’t know how many hours I work…how many hours I travel and how many hours I really take rest!!! No one insists me to work for these many hours…I work for my goals and responsibilities. But still….there are somany expectations  about me at home and at work from somany….at this stroke of midnight…..I remember my Mamma…who never expected anything from me…except for some time to spend with her!!!! Wish my Mamma was with me today….atleast she would have appreciated me for this journey of my life unlike others who constantly bug me to improve this parameter or that parameter in work or life!!!!


Prasanna Rayaprolu


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

3 thoughts on “Miss You Mamma!!!

  1. Nice one..well written! Sounded like the story of most of us..Only people like your mamma who experienced extreme situations in life can realize that there is no point in bugging others with your expectations.

  2. Life is struggle – Lets enjoy it !!!
    Loads of respect & love for this writing – i love my dadi a lot

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