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Oh…Why all this mess about Anna Hazare???

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Yeah..the one million dollar question is “What is next? Are the people supporting Anna Hazare because of some mass hysteria? Do these people stay for longer in support of Anna? Why such an OVER Action and Overreaction ONLY to Anna..were’nt there better leaders in all these years???”

These are some of the questions bugging so many of us these days…..

1) Got to watch a good discussion on CNN IBN, where Psephologist Prof.Yogendra Yadav answered the above questions in a simple manner by saying “If 100 people come out today to support Anna. 80 people will go back to their houses in a normal manner. 20 people will really start thinking about this issue in a simple manner and in those 20 …..a One person will become a leader. Yogendra adds…by saying…if one person out of those hundred can help them in dealing their issues..then this agitation of Anna is successful 🙂

2) My observations on this huge support to Anna. Ordinary people are just tired about the aberrations in Governance…they did not bother much all these years as they were trying to ADJUST their lives according to the aberrations in Governance….they did not know how to express, whom to rely to express their concerns all these years…in this interesting time….Ordinary people(Aaam Aadmi) found a Super Hero in Anna!!! So even ordinary people are daring to come out and express their concerns and their views Now…Anna is one of the best available options for Aaam Aadmi….Anna is the Brand Ambassodor for Hope in India at this point of time.

3) Yeah…there are several concerns on how is the team Anna going to proceed further, is there are solid implementation plan with them about their ideas. Yeah, there is a need for organized and structured way of suggestions from Team Anna.  However, Team Anna succeeded in awakening the spirit of Hope and the spirit of responsibility among the common citizens that with PEACEFUL and CIVILIZED Methods. I am NOT expecting a complete filmy types of change in the system, because I respect the system, I respect the Laws of the country and the Government. However, I expect the tweaking in the laws such as Lokpal bill which strengthen our democracy !!! Afterall,  “Democracy is the government of the  people, by the people, for the people” and we the people are ALSO responsible for the aberration such as corruption. Its time WE people too realize the importance of our roles and responsibilities as responsible citizens of India.

However there is point to be noted here…Support to Anna does not mean people are AGAINST the Laws and Governance. All these agitations show the eagerness of ordinary people of India to correct the aberrations in the Governance and system. Expressing the difference of opinions boldly being part of the system is a good sign of Progress and Progressive System and Nation 🙂 I am sure in the coming days Team Anna and Government are going to discuss peacefully and together help in strengthening the democracy in India.

For the first time in life, participated in a Support March…..participated in Anna Hazare Support March outside our office. Folks from all the companies in the premises came out and voiced out their opinions in Support of Anna Hazare. It was a serene feeling. India is a wonderful democratic nation…we have Right to express our views in a peaceful manner.

I think new song of AR Rahman is apt to quote in this context, because Hum Mein Hai Hero 🙂

Dil dheere dhadke hai aaj
Hone ko hai aaghaaz
Safar pe Chalne ka badhne
Itna hai Hausla
Mitna faasla
Manzil ne mil hi jaana hai
O.. Khwabon se aage jaana hai

Humi se toh ummeedein hain
Humi se
toh dilasa hai
Hami pe hain nigaahe bhi
Hami pe to Bharosa hai

mein hai hero
Hum Mein hai Hero

Dil se kaho, hey, hai Hum Mein
Hai Hero
Milke kaho, hey, hai Hum Mein Hai Hero

mein hai hero

Hum mein hai hero…

The heart beats slowly
A new beginning is going to be there,
of starting the journey, of
moving ahead.
There is so much morale (or, our morale/conscience
that the distance has to end,
the destination has to be
O.. (we) have to go beyond dreams..

From us only hopes are
From us only is the consolation there,
The eyes are on us
On us only is the trust..

There is a hero within us,
There is
a hero within us..

Say with heart, hey, there is a hero within
Say it together, hey, there is a hero within us..

There is a hero
within us,
There is a hero within us…

(Lyrics Translation Courtesy :

Jai Hind!!!!

Prasanna Rayaprolu



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