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Melodious Songs From Recent Tamil Cinema

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Tamil Cinema music is always special because of its diversity and experimentation.  We get to hear world’s best melody, world’s best fast beat music from this music industry. Here is a collection of some of the latest melodious tamil songs 🙂 Have a lovely week ahead 🙂 🙂 🙂

1)Thuli Thuli Mazhai from Paiya:

 Apart from the serene music and lyrics the picturization of this video too is awesome, Tamanna is just like an angel in this song :). This song is a treat to eyes and ears 🙂

2) Vizhiye Vizhiye from EERAM :

I always feel that simplicity is magical and beautiful. This simple song is serene and beautiful.

3)Kaiya Pudi from Mynaa:

This song Kaiya Pudi from Mynaa film is just serene and I like the locations of this song. Who says we need to go to videsh for beautiful locations 🙂

4)Naan pogiren mele mele from Nanayam:

This song is a perfect combination of wonderful lyrics,best singers and clean picturization

5)Rules Kidayathe from 180:

Magical Picturization ….in slow motion

6)Nee Korinal  from 180:

Magical Musical Melody of Sid 😉

7)Ennamo Yedho  from Ko:

This song is kinda sensation in entire South India and almost 50% of people have/had this song as their caller tune or ringtone 😛

8 .)Mazhai Varum from Veppam:

Another good song….

9)Ithanai Yugamai – Udhayan :

A lovely track by melody master Karthik 🙂

10)Maalai Mangum Neram – Rowthiram :

Oh!!! This song by Ranina Reddy is just a MAGIC. Listen to this song in headphones and its just a perfect song to start a day..its sooo soothing and serene.


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3 thoughts on “Melodious Songs From Recent Tamil Cinema

  1. Awesome song…I have first listened to this song 3 days back and I am hooked to it since then….I am Gujarathi and don’t understand Tamil, yet I get goosebumps when I listen to it…. truly music has no boundaries… Also it is so sweetly sung by the singer…

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