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Its Rainy Season!!!! Time For Some “Rain” Songs :P

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Finally its rainy season.  Nothing brings joy to me than drenching in rain and playing just like that in rain. May be….may be…..rain brings the childishness in me alive 😉 Right from childhood I make some or the reason to go out during rain and drench for a while. I just don’t mind about the consequences of drenching in rain. Who is bothered about cold, cough and fever 😉

Who says power cut is a bad thing!!! During rainy season atleast in my place the electricity board fellow is very conscious to save all of us from electric shocks etc….we will have power cut as soon as it gets cloudy and windy  :D…So when we have a power cut for a long time during rains….that too during day time…..that too when brothers are in town…all the members in the family …who generally are busy in their works all the time, have no other option except to focus on the rain and its a good time to chit chat about all the things on the planet. My mother during this time she will be busy with her amazing “Networking” skills.  Any CCNA certified engineer  cannot and dare not compete with my Mom in the aspect of Networking. Networking in the sense….tying different strings, ropes, wires all through the rooms to dry the wet clothes. My Dad will be busy arranging and rearranging the indoor and outdoor plants in the pots..he is a rain engineer..he does not like wasting as single drop of rain. Meanwhile my brothers will be busy in trying to explain the beauty of rain or trying to help their kids (my nephews and niece) drenching in rain. Added to this we have orders for gallons and gallons of “Chai” and tons and tons of “Onion Pakodi”.

Again!!!! Rain reminds me of music. Listening to awesome rain songs gives us the feel of rain!!! Here are some of my favorite rain songs from everywood…tollywood..bollywood etc…

1) Gitanjali – Vollanta : It’s just magic!!!! Perfect combination of Maniratnam’s direction to Ilayaraja’s music with awesome photography 🙂 . Given a chance I would not mind dancing in this manner secretly provided people would not die of heart attack seeing me dance!!! Come on!!! Who says Elephants can’t Dance!!!

2) Ab Ke Sawan Aise Barse- Sobha Mudgal  : I just love this track, just because it is soo realistic and we can relate to this…simple and serene rain song!!! I used to love this song sooo much that I even learnt the lyrics of this song to some extent and used to sing it …for my self.

3)RIM JHIM GIRE SAWAN From Manzil:  Hmm!! simplicity is amazing at anytime..because simplicity is mysterious….this is THE ROMANTIC RAIN Song.

4)Rim Jhim Rim Jhim – 1942 A Love Story: A song which has all the elements a good rain song needs to have..beautiful heroine..handsome hero..wonderful location…perfect lyrics and music too….

5)Taal Se Taal Mila – Taal : Sometimes I wonder if Aishwarya is an angel!!! Lovely rain song from Taal film.

6)  Bhaage Re Mann from Chameli: Love the music and its a good to listen song during long drives that too ALONE!!!

7)Dekho Na Dekho Na – Fanaa : Any Rain Song list would be incomplete without this song 😉

8. )Koi Ladki Hai Song DIL TO PAGAL HAI : Lovely Rain song of Madhuri and SRK

9)Innallaku Gurthu vacchana vaana from Varsham: Trisha was new to acting during this film time…so she thought of doing complete justice to the money given to her….so acted too much in this song…wonder if this type of reaction to rain is feasible and valid….however it was a big hit and a good song to listen.

10)Vachindha Megham – Yuva: This song has nothing to do with rain,however it has something to do with clouds,Physics , University Guy and service to society and above all amazing lyrics….so this is a favorite song 😛

11)Vache Vache Nalla mabbullara from Anand movie: Love they lyrics and music of this song. Love the assertive nature of the heroine’s character “Rupa” in this film.

and last but not least this entry of Dia Mirza in RHTDM movie:

Hope you too enjoy the rains this year too and do share with me your favorite list of rain songs. Have a lovely weekend 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

5 thoughts on “Its Rainy Season!!!! Time For Some “Rain” Songs :P

  1. Hey prasanna..
    To start wid i love d choice of ur pic fr this post
    i loved d way u narrated ur mom’s networking skills..haha
    i love ur sense of humor
    even i love getting drenched in rain
    lastnyt it was pouring wen i went to watch d mve along wid my friend
    loved riding on d bike in dat heavy rain
    and and and
    i was expecting vaanaa vaanaa vennela vaanaa from daddy movie
    why don u add dat song too
    d lyrics r jus too good to listen to…
    Newayz thx fr sharing d rest of rain songs…
    Keep blogging

    1. Hey Doc!!!
      Thanks for taking time and posting here 🙂
      Yes..will add the song you suggested..its a good one…i just missed it…

  2. Hi Prasanna,
    All the songs are good.u can also add sawan barse (sonali Bendre) song.perfect rain song.and my favourite…

  3. yes Prasanna very nice… to read and i did sincerely enjoyed all your lines… thank you .. all the best.. for today and everyday

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