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Diyalo diyaladiya diya diyala..Some Interesting Dance Numbers

Some of interesting  and all time hit dance numbers from South Indian Films. South Indian Films are well-known for traditional, classical and melodious music. However the folk based and western influence based dance numbers in these films have their own place. Here are some of my all time favorite dance numbers from recent movies :

1)Akaleste Annam  Pedata from Shankar Dada Zindabad Movie : Love the Energy levels with which Chiranjeevi Dances 🙂

2)Ringa Ringa From Aarya 2 Movie: This is such a famous song that this remade into several langauges 🙂

3)Diyalo Diyala From 100% Movie: Cute Dance Number with nice lyrics 🙂

4)Ippatikinka Naa Vayasu Nindaa Padahare From Pokiri Movie: This was a famous song in those times of Pokiri 🙂

5)Aa ante amalapuram  From Aarya Movie: This Song revived the folk song culture in Telugu Cinema 🙂

6)Appadi podu podu  – Who don’t know this famous Tamil Song 🙂

7)Nakku Mukka – Another Famous Tamil Song: We forget any tensions watching this full energy song 🙂

8)Yelagelaga From Parugu Movie: Lively Folk Song 🙂

9)Zinthaka Chitha Chitha From Vikramarkudu Movie: A lively song , we should not bother about the meaning of lyrics while listenting to this 🙂

10)Nuvu visleeste From Simhadri Movie: ( I cannot figure out these lyrics and the logic of these lyrics. Hats off to the writer for his amazing creativity and experiments with language which lead to this song. God bless!!! )

11) Rabbaru Gajulu Rabbaru Gajulu From Yamadonga Movie: Love Jr NTR for his Amazing Dancing Skills 🙂

And Last but not least …..the Baap of all the Dance Numbers….Bangaru Kodipetta  from Magadheera Movie



Have a nice weekend 🙂


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