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Do Kadam Aur Sahi …

Image Courtesy: Pravsworld website

zidagi haath milaa
(o life! join hands with me)

saath chal saath me aa
(walk alongwith me. come with me)

umr bhar saath rahi
( you had been with me my entire life)

he he-he
do Kadam aur sahi -4
( why not just two more steps, a very short distance)

ko_i suraj ki dagar
( some pathway that the Sun traverses)

ko_i sone kaa nagar
( some city constructed with gold)

chaand ke rath pe chale
( let’s proceed, riding on the chariot of the Moon)

jahaan thahare ye nazar
( wherever this eyesight takes a halt)

dhup dariyaa_o me hai
( there are oceans of sunlight)

phir safar paanvo me hai
( the journey is destined in the feet, again)

dil kaa aawaaraa diyaa
( the rascal earthen lamp of the heart)

dusare gaanvo me hai
(is in some other village)

aa_o chale ham wahi
( let’s walk to that very place)

do kadam aur sahi -4

khaab dhalate hai jahaan
( where dreams set)

dil pighalate hai jahaan
( where hearts melt)

aa_o chalate hai vahi
( come, let’s go only there)

wo zami dur nahi
( that land of destination is not far off)

dosti hogi wahaan
( friendship will be there)

roshani hogi wahaan
( light will be there)

us ujaale ke liye
( for that light)

jal chuke laakho diye
( millions of earthen lamps have already burnt out)

ek ham aur sahi
(why not we also, just one more)

do kadam aur sahi -4

kis ki aawaaz hai sun
(whose voice is this. just listen.)

ye nayaa saaz hai sun
(this is some new musical instrument. just listen.)

kaun detaa hai sadaa
(who is it giving a call)

chal ke dekhe to zaraa
( let’s explore)

raah wiraan sahi
( the path is without any traveller)

raat sunasaan sahi
( the night is deserted)

har ghadi saath rahe
(we remained together every moment)

kitane Gam saath sahe
( how many sorrows we have weathered together)

thode Gam aur sahi
( why not a little more sorrow)

do kadam aur sahi -4

(Lyrics Courtesy: Hindi Geetmala)


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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