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Essential Veda From Lectures of Swami Parthasarathy

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 As I was randomly browsing TV channels, suddenly I stopped for a while watching interesting thoughts on leadership by an elderly gentleman. I did not bother to change the channel listening to the wonderful thoughts of this gentleman.  He emphasised the necessity of a leading by an example and its importance. He said, just directing people/team members to perform scheduled tasks is not the feature of a leader. He said, a real leader leads his people by being a good example. So to be a good leader and to manage several people,  first, one must learn to manage oneself.

In the later part of the program, I understood that the gentleman in the TV program is Swami Parthasarathy, his mission of life is spreading the good message of Vedanta and helping people understand the beauty and power of intellect focussing on  the factors that influence the intellect through his Vedanta Academy

Got to listen to his wonderful lectures today and am sharing them in this blog post. Do take time , listen to them and try to practise those suggestions….so too will I 😀

Here are some of the gems from his lectures:

 What is Vedanta by Swami Parthasarathy

Happiness Within  by Swami Parthasarathy  :

One person smokes a cigarette and finds pleasure in it. Another person detests it. One lady divorces her husband. Another craves for and marries the same man. Therefore, pleasure and pain are not inherent in objects and beings of the world. It is in how you relate to them.

Vedanta is the art of relating to the world. Mastering this technique, you lead a smooth, pleasing existence – to yourself and to others.

The Art of Relationships by Swami Parthasarathy

Any relation that is based on rights perishes and any relation that is based on duties flourishes.

Living is an art, a skill 

Living is an art, a skill, a technique….you got to learn the technique and live it…thats all wisdom is about

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