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My Daddy is Strongest :)

My Dad Enjoying the View of 'Flights'at GMR Airport

O seeker,
These thoughts have such power over you.
From nothing you become
From nothing you become happy.

You are burning in the
but I will not let you out
until you are fully baked,
fully wise
and fully yourself.

– Rumi

Often, people mistake in defining the words “Rich” and “Poor”. According to me ,  a person can be termed as poor or rich on the basis of the dreams he has and the persistence he has in realizing those dreams. A person who does not have dreams and who does not believe in his dream is really poor. Dreaming does not mean “day dreaming” 😉

Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts transform into action.  My Dad is an inspiration to me and many. Whenever, I have a set back in any work of mine, I think for a while about Dad’s persistence in making his life and all the people related to him in a better manner.  He works hard with a child like enthusiasm and immense dedication even today immaterial of the nature of the task assigned to him whether it’s a role of Manager at Bank or President of the Colony.

He had a good childhood…ample food, lots of own fields. However, during the course of time they lost everything.  At one point of time Grand Parents, Dad, Uncles and Aunt and didn’t even have proper food to eat. Dad has to pause his education for a while and started his career at the age of 16 itself.  He joined in the lowest position in the bank and after several years he  went back to the same branch in the highest position as Manager.  People who used to speak to him in louder tone had to speak to him with immense respect and had to wait for long hours to meet him.   Dad is quoted as an example in several staff trainings at his bank.  Trainers take his example to tell people the importance of dreaming high and believing in the power of the dreams.  Dad’s inspirational story of “Messenger to Manager” is  quite an inspiration to many. Yes, it sounds like a Rajinikanth tale in a film. However, real life is much more sweeter than films 🙂

I never know Dad’s tough time, however when some of Dad’s old friends chat about the old days, when relatives visit us and feel happy about us….it really makes me feel proud being my Dad’s daughter 🙂  There is nothing great in my brothers and me having big dreams or achieving good amount of success; Dad dreamt good dreams even in his hard times and beautiful part is he strived/strives with persistence in realizing those dreams 🙂 . Looking forward with lots of hope to accomplish at least 10% of what Dad is doing while singing happily “My Daddy is Strongest!!!!”

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