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Some Beautiful Songs From Somany Languages…

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In the midst of loads of work at office and home all of a sudden I got to hear a nice song of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab.  This song is so serene and made me blog some of my favorite songs from different languages.

1) Tu Hi Re  from Bombay Film :  Awesome song by Hariharan composed by AR Rahaman. However, I find the picturization little bit funny, some how I feel its little bit too much 😉

2)Taal — Nahin Saamne : This is just serene, composed by AR Rahaman. Lyrics of this song are just awesome. The hero in this film sounds like an eternal optimist 😀

3)Un Peyarai Sonal – Dum Dum Dum : This is a super film picturized very well. Love all the songs in this movie, however different emotions of human beings are very captured very well in this movie. The importance of Love and Hatred among different people, the impact on our lives is well depicted in this film.

4)Sach keh raha hai deewana from Rehana Hai Tere Dil Mein Film : Not much to write about this serene song….its so sweet ..perfect music and lyrics. I really love Maddy in this film and this song in particular.

4) How could i not love you from Anna and the King Film:  One of my all time favorite songs from my favorite movie…the beauty of the love between Anna and the king is depicted very well in this film. Watched this movie several times …we too cannot stop falling in love with that King and that Anna 😀

5) Main Jahan Rahoon (Mehfil Mix): Good Song, however there is an immense danger of people becoming nostalgic 😉 ..even if you try to miss the lyrics…Javed Sahab in the midst of RFAK’s and Krishna’s voice he speaks some strong words…..

6)Emptiness- Rohan Rathore : Got to hear this sweet song when a friend of mine shared this song. Sweet music and Sweet lyrics 🙂

7) Mein Tenu Samjhawan – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan : Really, I donot have any estimation how many times I heard this song….Awesome lyrics and Serene music….For the folks like me who want to understand the meaning of this song, please check this blog:

8) Vedane O vedama from the film LBW : Lyrics are just soo sweet. Can’t stop crying listenting to this song…thats the beauty of words…Karthik sang it so well…

9)Reh Jane Do by singer xulfi : Good Lyrics..thought provoking…hahhaah..but life’s like that….


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