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Throw Some Light On “Disappearing Daughters Of India” on this Republic Day

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Today we at India, are celebrating 62nd Republic Day of India.  Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Republic Day. Being independent and republic  nation means a lot. We as a nation are marching ahead in several fields. Our economy is  stable , Government is stable and hence we have a wonderful time in our country.

However, if we take time and do little bit of SWOT Analysis of our nation, its citizens and the situations in it; we do find so many painful things happening. Who is going to sort all these issues? Why is that we need to bear all these with silence? Aren’t we part of the system? . Isn’t it our  basic duty to reform our system? It is not fine arguing with Government all the times about our rights, we need to do our duties as citizens to keep our country clean and developed. A Nation is not a mysterious thing from utopia, it’s a perfect collection of people like all of us 🙂

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In India,  from several centuries we consider our land as Bharatamata (Mother India). This shows the respect we try to give to the Women in the country. We at India believe in the concept ” “Yatra Nari Astu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devataa” (The Gods reside in places where woman is worshiped).  We have a Woman President to the Republic of India, we have Woman speaker to Lok Sabha, We have woman leaders heading the main political parties, we do have wonderful successful women in sports, education, business. Women are excelling in everything.

Everything sounds perfect and interesting. However, in the same land where woman are treated with at most respect still there are tons of people who strongly believe that “Female Child is a NOT WORTHY. Investing time, money on a Female Child is WASTE. Educating a FEMALE CHILD is WASTE of MONEY”.  With this thought process those people don’t even want to bring the child to the Earth. They are killing it before it comes to Earth. How sad!!!! These are not the thoughts process of the illiterate, poor people…educated, rich people too think in this manner. The percentage of these type of people is not negligible and its alarming to think about the negativity they spread among others.

Indian Government, hoping to raise awareness about the horrors of sex-selection, abortion and female infant abandonment declared the day Jan 24th as National Girl Child Day. According to the 2001 census, the sex ratio is more dangerous in urban areas than in rural parts. Rural areas have 946 females per 1,000 males but in urban areas, the figure is at 900. Official figures also say that more than 10 million girls have been ‘missing’ in India over the past two decades because of sex-selection abortion(Source:Newsone)

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The research, conducted in sites across five states in north and northwest India reveals:

• ratios of girls to boys aged 0-6 across four out of five sites are now lower than in 2001

• ratios are declining fastest in comparatively prosperous urban areas

• in areas with limited access to public health facilities and modern ultrasound technology, girls are more likely to be born, but less

likely to survive

• lower birth rates and higher mortality rates for second and third daughters through selective abortions and neglect

• a trend for smaller families is deepening the aversion to daughters

• laws banning prenatal sex detection and sex-selective abortions are being ignored as ultrasound technology is widely and explicitly used for

sex selection

• given the enormous pressure on families to avoid having girls, the use of ultrasound technology is now considered a ‘rational’ way to plan

a family

• despite policies to address girls’ rights and improvements in women’s literacy, education and employment, the pressure to produce a male

heir remains. (Courtesy:Actionaid article )

Are’nt these things alarming!!! Its time to stop flaunting about past glories and shift our focus to the present problems. Gender Equality need to be promoted and the girl child need to be encouraged. Just as there is huge gap between the poor and rich in Indian people there is immense gap between different sections of women. One side of the spectrum we have women who lead the nation and on the other side we have women who are not even given the basic opportunities and rights. Its time there is equality even in women. Its time we just stop worshipping women just for the namesake instead we treat women as equal people . Thow Some Light On “Disappearing Daughters Of India” on this Republic Day. Live and let them live. Don’t let them disappear.

Wish to share this wonderful song “Jaya Jaya Jaya priya Bharatha janayitri” By Shri Devulapalli Krishna Sastry garu on this ocassion:

jaya jaya jaya priya

bharatha janayitri divyadhatri      

 [Hail you oh mother India! the holy land of divinity] 

jaya jaya jaya satha sahasra

nara nari hridaya nethri  

[Hail you!  whose eyes are the hearts of millions of men and women] 

jaya jaya sasyamala

susyama chala chelanchala 

[Hail you, who has donned a saree, the hem of which is as green as the lush greenery of flourishing crops and trees]

 jaya vasantha kusuma latha

charitha lalitha choorna kunthala

 [Hail you, with a hair adorned with flowers of the spring and divided into two beautiful tresses of History and Culture.. ]*

 jaya madeeya hridayasaya

laaksharuna pada yugala

 [Hail you, whose both feet are colured in the redness of the aspirations of my heart]

 jaya disantha gatha sakuntha

divya gana parithoshana

 [Hail you, who is gratified by the twitters of the birds travelling across the bounds of all the directions]

 jaya gaayaka vaithalika

gala visala patha viharana

 [Hail you, who rambles in the mellifluos voices of all the singers and poets]

 jaya madeeya madhura geya

chumbitha sundara charana

 [Hail you, who has beautiful feet, kissed by my sweet ode to thee]

  (Lyrics Courtesy : Blog )

Jai Bolo Bharath Maata Ki Jai

Prasanna Rayaprolu