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Some Random Songs Of These Days…

Can’t beleive that I did not blog for these many days 😉 . There was no specific reason for not blogging, I did not really feel like blogging. Time is never a constraint for me to blog. Reason!!! I do not take much time to write any blog post…any blog post is something I write spontaneoustly…write down as I feel….hahha..this is blogging and this is nothing new …any blogger blogs follows the same  method 😀 .

Music and Books are those wonderful things which come to my rescue when I really need some relaxation.  Got to hear several new tracks, those are not new to the world but to new to me. So I thought I should share some of those songs here.

1)Bruno Mars – Just the Way You are : I love the lyrics , the picturization and the voice of the singer too. Do check it, its very creative and the meaning is also lovely.

2)Amy Grant – Baby Baby :  I love this version of this song, the instrumental part of the song is awesome and love the cool voice of Amy Grant. Do check it.

3) Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop The Music: Yes, we don’t feel like stopping the music when we hear this. However, we need to hear this when we are going on a long drive. We should not hear this when we are tired or when we have hell lot work to do or lots of things to study. Its really interesting when we hear when hear in long ride .

4)Seheree – Oye : This amazing song from Oye film is really a good energizer. In this song we get to hear different varied perspectives of life from two different people. The importance of life and the way we life is explained very well.

5) Sydney Nagaram – Orange: This track from the movie “Orange” is amazing. Karunya sang it sooo well that we feel that no other singer can do justice to this song except for him. Though I do not watch movies of Ramcharan regularly, I admire this song. Do check it.

6) Nenu Nuvvantu – Orange: This serene song by Naresh Iyer became very popular. I fail to understand the name of the film Orange and its story however, it got wonderful music collection. Do check this song:

7)ThanaRoopam – Shopping Mall Film : This song of S.P.Charan is one of my fav songs of this season. Lyrics are amazing. When we check the video, we get to see a different love story.  Wish I could translate these amazing lyrics. The simplicity of a person is well described in most decent manner. The beauty of simple person is well explained,This is not a regular love story where the hero and heroine sing songs in Australia or Austria 😀

8)Abhi kuch dino se – Dil Toh Baccha Jai Ji : This song of Mohit Chauhan is catchy. Do check it.

Do check this piano version…its good:

Hope you too like these songs. Do suggest me any more.

Have a lovely week ahead.


Prasanna Rayaprolu