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Everything As Our Beautiful Mind Telleth :)

The World As I See It :)
The World As I See It 🙂

Had a variety week which had all the wonderful elements of  typical south Indian film. I was working for several hours in a day like the characters played by Balakrishna/Chiranjeevi/Rajnikanth…IMPOSSIBLE word is absent in their dictionary. Taking cue from them I too worked for more than 16 hours….Result….completed my work well..however I ended up with back pain and insomnia 😀 .

Just as in the films..we have situations where the Hero tells to Heroine “Whatever perform this ritual or puja until I come back. Make me a promise”..something like that….Similarly…whatever works come for me..whatever happens to me…I am so dedicated to this Blog of mine that I sacrifice my dinner or breakfast or my sleep to write in this ;).

As if my work, my back pain were not enough..there were several weddings of friends and relatives. Managed to say “Hi” to the folks, however the act of faking a smile, dressing up in traditional silk sarees with lots of jewellery and talking irrelevant things( when the mind is running with several doubts, answers ideas about office work  at the speed of supersonic jet speed)  is something really crazy. Above all behaving normally when we bump into the people whom we just don’t want to meet in the life is something more energy-consuming activity.

Just to make sure that my next week goes well, I thought I should do something to feed my mind with some good food. In the evening, I went for a walk. I was telling myself that any living, non living, dead, alive, flying or walking, near or far or online object/person should not dictate how my life should be. I told my  mind not to get distracted of the past  present and future :D.  I just informed to my mind( with a SERIOUS tone) that I am the EMPRESS of my life and others need not bother me.

 May be it was a kind of magic. I felt very nice and I felt very light (I felt like a hydrogen balloon). Mind you…all these things were told to my mind in my evening walk. Poor Mind!!! It does not have any weekend or holiday from me 😀

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As I reached the Nursery(its my regular route to my office and I get to observe all the sections in it) I felt very happy to see new section of flowers and plants. Thatha at nursery told that new plants came from Rajamundry only in the morning. Lots of varieties of Roses, several colors of chrysanthemum flowers, lots of Marigold. It was just a feast to the eyes. Felt soo happy seeing all those flowers. Somehow I have some special bonding with this Nursery. Everyday I walk from that area and wait for my office cab.  The aroma of the flowers, colorful flowers and plants make me happy. I feel those plants are doing some divine service by making the spectators happy. Some unexpressive happiness pervades as I see those plants in Nursery.

Ber Fruit

As I walked further, I saw another beautiful thing. Everyday I stand near a ber tree. I always wonder how that tree exists in such a busy place. From the past few days I am observing the fruits of it, today I saw ripe ber fruits. Felt nice seeing those ripe fruits. Everyday I watch the tree ,these days it flowered, it had fruits and finally the fruits were ripe. I was not waiting to eat the fruits of this tree, however there is some happiness as I observe the tree.

Walked further, found another interesting thing. Everyday a small girl finishes her studies and comes back to home with her Dad in the afternoon. Her Dad carries her bag. There is some speciality of this Dad and Daughter. That father seems to be no to so well off person. His attire and the place he works shows that. However, the way he takes care of his daughter, invests on her books, bag , uniform tells his dedication to his daughter. Everyday they both walk a lot. Finally, today I found that daughter and Dad on a New Bicycle. There was a victorious smile as the girl sat on her Dad’s Bicycle and she is moving round and round the lanes with happiness.

Felt happy seeing them and I moved  further and thought everything we see and feel depends on the way our beautiful mind tells to us. We may not change the situations we face but we can definitely change the way we think and look at the situations with the help of our beautiful mind 🙂 . I could not help recollecting this quote of Albert Einstein ” There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle”.

After reaching home got to hear several tracks on Inca Music on the suggestion of my Big B . This time for a change he suggested me a new kind of music unlike everytime 😉 .  Here is one lovely track:


Prasanna Rayaprolu




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