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Sapno Se Bhare Naina …

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Self Motivation is like bath. It is necessary and need to be performed daily :D.

Everyday before I start my work I make sure that I check a good motivational blog post or poem or wallpaper or an article. Most of the times I feel so amazed seeing the reference of these articles to Bhagavad Gita,Bible, Quran. Most of the personality development stuff take cue from Holy Books. These particular stanza of Gita are stuck in my mind today:

One must elevate, not degrade, oneself
By one’s own mind.
The mind alone is one’s friend
As well as one’s enemy.

 The mind is the friend
Of those who have control over it,
And the mind acts like an enemy
For those who do not control it.

One who has control over the mind
Is tranquil in heat and cold,
In pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor;
And is ever steadfast with the Supreme Self.

Somehow these stanza reminds me the song “Sapno Se Bhare Naina”. May be Javed Sahab is also inspired from these sort of holy literature. Lil more research on this song lead me to this blog on Advaita . I was surprised to see discussion on bollywood song in an Advaita blog.  Here is song and I am posting the interpretation of the song as discussed in Advaita here:

Bagiya bagiya balak bhage

Tettli phir bhi haath na lage

(From garden to garden the the deluded human roams,

And yet the butterfly proves to be ever elusive)

(the butterfly is a powerful metaphor for the vibrancy of life’s names and forms that attract us)

Is pagle ko kaun bataye dhoond raha jo tu jag mein

koi jo paaye man mein hi paaye

(Who will explain to this deluded soul, that what you seek in this world, if anyone ever were to discover it, you will discover in your own mind) (it is not to be found extrinsic to you)

Sapno se bhare naina To neend hai chaina

(In eyes that are filled with dreams there is neither sleep nor peace)

Door se hi sagar jise har koi maane

Pani hai woh ya reth hai yeh kaun jaane

(From far what everyone is convinced is the sea – is it water, or is it sand (mirage), no one really knows..)

Jaise ke din se rain alag hai

Sukh hai alag hai aur chain alag hai

As different is the day from night so is happiness from pleasure.

Per yeh jo dekhe woh nain alag hai

Chain to apna sukh hai paraye

A different vision is required to see that happiness is within oneself, and pleasure is always in the other.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

4 thoughts on “Sapno Se Bhare Naina …

  1. nice one prasanna
    i love d way u compared selfmotivation to d daily bath
    good job
    btw i love dat song sapnon se bhari naina
    shanker’s voice is nectarine n so expressive….

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