Ninnu Kori Varnam From Amogha – The Concert

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Amma warned me not to touch my office laptop this weekend, She wanted to make sure that I do not spend time on internet on the pretext of  “Office Work”.  I did not touch “Office laptop”, however I have this plan B of my Sony Vaio….the long old friend of mine 😀 .

Got to hear lots of good music this weekend and suddenly I got to hear another new stylish version of Ninnu Kori Varanam song. Basically, Ninnu Kori Varanam song is favorite of Dad, My Second Brother and me. We do check hear this song from each and every artist available.  Maniratnam used this varanam in a part of a song in his film “Gharshana”. That was a super duper hit.

Got to hear this “Ninnu Kori” Varnam.  This song uploaded is from the Amogha – The Concert Album. This is simply amazing. Put all the pics of Vidya Balan and added this song to make this video. Do check it.  Folks were wondering, why Vidya? Why Vidya? Simple- She is just classy 🙂 . She belongs to the fine category of  classy actresses of Indian Cinema along with Smita Patil, Shabhana Azmi, Nandita Das, Revathi, Shobana, Suhasini Maniratnam and Tabu.

Some more info about the song:

Varnam is a form of song in the Carnatic music repertoire. The lyrics are simple and consist mostly of long syllables and swara phrases of various lengths which bring out the essential features of the raga. Varnams are considered the most complex of the vocal exercises in Carnatic Music.

Here is the detailed meaning of Ninnu Kori varnam:
ninnu kOriyunnAnurA (varNa). rAgA: mOhana.

P: ninnu kOriyunnAnurA nikhila lOka nAyaka
A: nannu pAlimpa samayamurA nAmIda kRpajUDarA
C: sannutAnga shrInivAsa

word-by-word meaning:

ninnu = you
kOriyunnAnu = has desired
nikhila = entire
lOka = world
nAyaka = leader/ruler

nannu = me
pAliMpa = to protect/take care of
samayamurA = it is time
nAmIda = upon me
kRpajUDarA = have mercy

sannutANga SrInivAsa = praised by SrInivAsa


O leader of the entire world, the one who is praised by SrInivasa, i desired you. Have mercy,
and please come to protect me.

(Varnam Meaning Courtesy: Google Search 🙂 )


Prasanna Rayaprolu

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Svas Ray says:

    good song

    1. Prasanna Rayaprolu says:

      OMG…is it really you….who took time to post a comment in my blog 😉

  2. satya kiran says:

    i love this song
    infact d original singer vani jayaram sang very very well

    1. Narasimhan R says:

      I think the singer is Chitra.

      1. Prasanna Rayaprolu says:

        Nope. Its by Amogha Band members .

  3. krishna says:

    Mee paatala collection anni super andoy.. e roju poorthigaa mee blogloni paatalu vinadanike aypoyindi…!!

    1. Good good.Nice to know that you like my blog 🙂

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