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The Nature Of Knowledge


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As am exploring the things in Knowledge Management I am loving it more and more . So, thought of adding this section called “Knowledge Management” in this blog of mine. I will sincerely try to explain my observations and the concepts I get to learn from others though this section of my blog. Here is the first post on nature of knowledge.

As a part of regular random browsing of Harvard blogs got to read this lovely blog on ” The Problem with the Data- Information- Knowledge- Wisdom Hierarchy”.

Author of the post David, focussed on the problems involved in transformation of the information into Knowledge and someother key issues of this DIKW concept.

Loved the way, David defined the nature of knowledge. I am posting that for all of you here:

“But knowledge is not a result merely of filtering or algorithms. It results from a far more complex process that is social, goal-driven, contextual, and culturally-bound. We get to knowledge — especially “actionable” knowledge — by having desires and curiosity, through plotting and play, by being wrong more often than right, by talking with others and forming social bonds, by applying methods and then backing away from them, by calculation and serendipity, by rationality and intuition, by institutional processes and social roles. Most important in this regard, where the decisions are tough and knowledge is hard to come by, knowledge is not determined by information, for it is the knowing process that first decides which information is relevant, and how it is to be used.”

You can check the article of David here :


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