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Happy Random Thoughts On Dasara :)

Happy Thoughts 🙂

First of all let me wish you ” Happy Dasara” 🙂  

Really felt like blogging after long time . This season of my life can be called as  “Season of Thankfulness” and I am lovin it.  May be after years of ups and downs these days am trying to be the person the I longed to be and I am travelling on the path I longed to travel.  I feel am in this happy phase only because of the blessings and wishes of my Parents, Brothers, Teachers and all my friends. So, I am trying my best to convey my thankfulness to all these people in whatever way possible 😀 😀 😀

 I am really lovin…..

Everyday’s long ride to office in cab with my collegues..where we get to talk hell of lot variety stuff, hear wonderful music on radio. In this hungama I try to read atleast some pages of the book of the season…..reading books in the ride to office is not bad…its good!!!

I am really lovin……

Everyother Day’s Doughnut in Cafe Coffee Day at our office. Beleive Me!!! Eating hot hot doughnut  calmly while observing different people is really awesome.  I don’t mind  even though my friends complain that I have Cafe Coffee Day Day Mania…. 😉 . My second brother other day threatend me that he will kill me if I ever dare  to bring that doughnut to home again :D…still I am trying to convince all my folks about the beauty of doughnut at  Coffee Day. This dougnut at  Cafe Coffee Day and me have an age old relation. From the past five years, I have this infamous habit of browsing the books ALONE peacefully at City Center’s Crossword and then after some time I make it a point that I order a nice milk shake and doughnut.  Beauty of the Crosswords at this City Center is that the layout is so neat and interesting that we get nice time to read various books for free and then eat wonderful stuff at the Cafe Coffee Day.  Though I donot get the time to visit Crosswords often, God has blessed me with Coffee Day at office. Hmm…this love of doughnuts is increasing day by day and true love never dies 😉 .

 I am really lovin ……

My work at office. I am really loving the different new friends from different projects with different ideas. I am really loving my new challenges which are pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am loving the wonderful attitudes of my collegues who help me whenever I need help. I am really loving being awake and working with people in different time zones.

I am really lovin…….

The improved interactions with Mom and Dad. It seems in my childhood I used to be awake until my Dad used to come from Bank. It seems I used to try hard to stop my sleep to talk with Dad and it seems after playing with Dad I used to sleep. Now …after somany years..thinks are reverse….Dad waits for me untill I come back from office. I love the way, we both make fun of Mom, pull the legs of Mom after coming from office. I love the way Mom and Dad  warn me not to work for long hours and the way they warn me to take proper diet on time. I love observing secretly the way Dad and Mom flaunt about me to their friends 🙂  

I am really lovin……

The evergreen attention and love of my brothers. I love the scoldings of my brothers when I sleep for less hours. I love the way they scold me when I donot take proper diet and rest. I love the way my brothers motivate me when I try to complain about challenges at work. I love the look in the face of my brothers when I buy things for them 🙂

 Hmm….seems I am lovin somany things days and I better stop writing  now itself …..

Once again, Happy Dasara to all of you 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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