Jagamanta Kutumbam Naadi…

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 Krishna Vamsi is one of the finest directors of Telugu Film Industry. His films are like Telugu Ugadi Pacchadi…blend of all the emotions of life. The manner in which he deals the subject of his films in a bold manner with a strong message is really awesome. Every film of his, has a message and is thought provoking. Got a chance to see him and talk to him for couple of minutes some time back. I was so happy to see him and in that happiness I asked him”Are you Krishna Vamsi???”. He Said “Yes Yes…I am”. He is so modest person and he spoke well. His wife, Ramya Krishna is also a down to earth person inspite of being such a great actress.  Coming back to the topic of this blog post, I really admire this film “Chakram” of Krishna Vamsi. This song “Jagamanta Kutumbam Naadi” is my all time favorite. This song just reminds us the REALITY of LIFE  🙂 Here is the Song and its Lyrics. Hear and enjoy it. 

jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
samsaara saagaram naade sanyaasam soonyam naavE
jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
kavinai kavitanai bhaaryanai bhartanai
kavinai kavitanai bhaaryanai bhartanai
mallela daarilO manchu eDaarilO
mallela daarilO manchu eDaarilO
panneeTi jayageetaalo kanneeTi jalapaataala
naatO nEnu sangamistu naatO nEne bhramistu
vanTarinai anavaratam kanTunnaanu nirantaram
kalalni kadhalni maaTalni paaTalni
rangulnee rangavallulanee kaavya kanyalni aaDa pillalani    

jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
minTiki kanTini nEnai
kanTanu manTanu nEnai    

minTiki kanTini nEnai
kanTanu manTanu nEnai    

manTala maaTuna vennela nEnai
vennela kuutala manTanu nEnai
ravinai SaSinai divamai nisinai
naatO nEnu sahagamistuu naatO nEnE ramistoo
vanTarinai pratinimisham kanTunnaanu nirantaram
kiraNaalni kiraNaala hariNaalni hariNaala charaNaalni charaNaala
chalanaana kanaraani gamyaala kaalaanni indra jaalaanni    

jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
gaali pallakeelOna tarali naa paaTa paapa oorEgi veDale
gontu vaakilini moosi marali tanu moogabOyi naa gunDe migile
naa hrudayamE naa lOgili
naa hrudayamE naa paaTaki talli
naa hrudayamE naaku aali
naa hrudayamulO idi siniivaali    

jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi
jagamanta kuTumbam naadi yEkaaki jeevitam naadi    



(Inner meaning of the Song: I become the poem and the poet, I become the wife and the husband… I walk all by myself and I walk all with myself on a path filled with jasmines and on a deserted foggy path, experiencing the melodies of triumph as well as the depressing flow of tears.. and on my way, I see a lot of dreams, stories, words and songs, colours, personified poetic beauties and girls! My family is as big as the world, but yet, I am a lonely soul!  The ocean of earthly bonds is mine, and renunciation and emptiness is mine as well!!  )   


Thanks to esteemed blogger for the lyrics and meaning!!!!   



Prasanna Rayaprolu 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sai Krishna says:

    this is the excellent song I ever like. It is the best one to eligible for national award.
    Thank you for providing the lyrics by your blog.Thank you very much. I am very grateful of you.

    1. Prasanna Rayaprolu says:

      Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

  2. Mohanvamshi says:

    HI nice one.. but i figured some mistakes in the lyrics..
    naatO nEnu sangamistu naatO nEne bhramistu — naatho nenu anugamistu naatho nene ramistu
    vennela kuutala manTanu nEnai — venneal pootala mantanu nenai

    and the inner meaning u wrote seems like just a translation of telugu into english.. I wish u see the interview of Sirivennela gaaru about the meaning of lyrics.. u can find it here..

    Anyways nice post… Thank you

  3. subba telidevara says:

    Very good analysis sir.

    Sirivennela says this about his writing. He has to really squeeze heart and soul to get a song out. This is hard for a poet who writes for commercial films. Veturi and more so atreya were luckier. They could write without having to dig deep into their soul (they were both ofcourse great). The pain sirivennela undergoes as he writes shows in his lyrics.

    Thank you sir.

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