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Life is Beautiful

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I am not wise to define “Life “, however  I keep on thinking on Life.  Life is full of sweet & Sour surprises,  interesting problems, variety of challenges and lots of lots of  interesting people in it.

Dealing all these without being judgemental ,  learning to  LIVE  completely in that moment , accepting the situations and people as they are makes me say “Life is Beautiful”.

Past few months, have been trying to adopt this approach of forced optimistism.  My idea of forced optimism is seek positive things in everything, every situation and everyone. Don’t stop seeking positive things until you find good things in all, if you don’t find anything optimistic in that it just means best is yet to come.

 This thought process does not have the POWER to stop the bad things happening to us, however it helps us dealing life in a beautiful manner with lots of hope, optimism and gives the love of people around us too.  I may not stick to this concept for entire life, however I find everything beautiful by adopting this approach , atleast for now 😉

Enjoy the present moment, talk to people, show others that you care them, Smile at them, Laugh happily with them, don’t stop doing the lil lil things you always enjoy doing  (like eating a doughnut or drenching in rain or eating pani poori or cooking for your loved ones or playing happily with the kids without bothering about the work, meeting and all…hhahaha).

Do check this lovely track :

Have a nice day ahead.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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