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You Can Save Somany Lives : Donate Platelets

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Platelets are tiny cells that circulate round the body in the blood. They play an important role in blood clotting and fighting infection. Low Platelet count is dangerous for a person. The number of Platelets decrease alarmingly when people suffer from diseases like cancer, dengue, malaria etc.  When people suffer from these type of diseases, the generation of platelets in the patient decreases alarmingly.  Due to this, patients may die.  To avoid this, platelets are given to a person at this point of time. 

On the other side, a normal healthy human being need not do anything to generate more platelets. They generate as a normal process. However, we need to understand that when our health is fine we can donate platelets and we can save lots of people.  If we are healthy, there is no danger or any loss to us in donating platelets. Simple reason!!!! Human Body is such a wonderful machine of God that lakhs of platelets are automatically generated everyday.  Normal , healthy human beings can donate platelets any time . To donate we need not donate complete blood. There are wonderful platelets derivation processes developed. In such process, they take the blood from the person, that blood enters in a machine, that machine extracts the platelets and releases the rest of the blood donated, that blood is again inserted to us. In a nutshell, we have wonderful mechanisms where only platelets are taken and the remaining blood is transferred back to us. 

We donot lose anything in donating platelets, because platelets are automatically generated daily in us, however, this simple and important process stops in people suffering with some diseases. We can save lots of lives by donating platelets. 

There is nothing more pious than saving others lives. Above all, we donot lose anything in donating platelets. So please check with your nearest good, safe blood blank and donate the platelets. Save Lives and Make your life worthy too 🙂 

Have a nice day ahead. 


Prasanna Rayaprolu 

PS:  Take some time, google on the topic of Platelets , their importance and donation. If you are curious to know  more about donation of platelets and how they are extracted check this site : . They explained it very well in a simple manner.



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2 thoughts on “You Can Save Somany Lives : Donate Platelets

  1. Nice one dear, even i wanna share regarding it…..Yah… u r right i have come across in the past 6 months three people who have very less platelets and r suffering from very serious problems all were ladies with a age group od 35- 55, …………..its right as u r saying donating platelets is really a very god thing but before that even we have to check ur count too.

    1. True…we need to check our levels too. Was told by folks that Drinking pomegranate juice regulary really increases the platelet count..this tip is really tested and tried on my brother too…it really worked well…

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