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Books: Reading and Writing :)

Books on my table 🙂


Mark Twain  said very aptly “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life”.  When I read a good book, I feel some unexplained joy, I feel energetic, more optimistic and make me dream more, do more and hope more. I am sure so many of you can relate to this feeling of mine. Books are wonderful things which help us without expecting anything from us. They selflessly, joyfully share their knowledge with us with lot of enthusiasm.   

Some friends often say very easily “How do you manage to read books…they are boring…I don’t have patience to read…I feel sleepy”. Ok!!! Its their perspective, we need to respect their feelings. However, I personally feel, reading books or reading anything is just a habit that can be developed with little bit of patience and interest. I wish to share some tips to friends who really want to read and who are sacred to read books.   

 Any one can really enjoy reading books, if they manage to get some time to make an effort to read books. Initial days of book reading, one should start with books of small volumes, on the topics they are interested in. Slowly they can develop their reading habit. It’s not a rocket science or anthropology . Biggest advantage of book reading is we can decrease our levels of ignorance at least to 0.0000001 % . We can really know about thought process of different people, culture in different regions, issues in different parts of the globe. Above all, books are like Time Machines…they take us into past, future, into different worlds. Books really help us in becoming better persons.   

My Notes 🙂


Ahh!!! Handwriting is an interesting topic  . I owe to  Sisters in my school for making us write copy writing in Telugu, Hindi, English for so many years  . Not trying to boast, handwriting of almost all the students in our school was(is) really good because of good practice. Folks may wonder, this lady got all Granny types ideas and views  . I am sure you are going to agree with me at least when I say, a well written text with good handwriting has more advantage than a text written in not so good handwriting. Ofcourse, the content matters, however, visual appeal also plays an important role. I don’t know about others, I get distracted when I see bad handwriting.  Having a good handwriting is not hereditary aspect or God-given boon; everyone can have a good handwriting, it’s just a matter of practice.  Am not trying to comment or make fun of people with bad handwriting, they might be in good positions of their career, however it will be really nice if people have good handwriting 😉   

This week-end, I was searching for an old book of mine and I got to see my 7th standard notebook and my brother’s 3rd standard notebook. My brothers have good handwriting and they used to give me military training during my school days on the aspect of reading & writing. Checking those old books, memories related to those books made me happy and gave me joy. Those books reminded me of my school days…writing and reading too .  

Happy Reading and Writing.  


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