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As a part of regular poem browsing, I found this wonderful poem, thought I will share with all of you 🙂 .  Here is the lovely poem :


There was once a man who smiled
Because the day was bright,
Because he slept at night,
Because God gave him sight

To gaze upon his child;
Because his little one,
Could leap and laugh and run;
Because the distant sun Smiled on the earth he smiled.

He smiled because the sky
Was high above his head,
Because the rose was red,
Because the past was dead!

He toiled, and still was glad
Because the air was free,
Because he loved, and she
That claimed his love and he

Shared all the joys they had!
Because the grasses grew,
Because the sweet winds blew,
Because that he could hew
And hammer, he was glad.

Because he lived he smiled,
And did not look ahead
With bitterness or dread,
But nightly sought his bed

As calmly as a child.
And people called him mad
For being always glad
With such things as he had,
And shook their heads and smiled.

—Samuel Ellsworth Kiser.



Prasanna Rayaprolu

2 Comments Add yours

  1. RKK says:

    Excellent Work again.

    You have hit the Bull’s Eye. Very Good Poem.


    1. Prasanna says:

      Thank You Raaavi ji

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