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24 By 7 I love You ;)

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Did you ever think about the dangerous Flu at office… not saying about Swine Flu, Bird Flu…… am saying about Love Flu.  Good news is ..this is not contageous..however you fall sick seeing the people affected by this Love flu  which is caused by love bug 😀

People say that Love is Blind, Love makes people Mad, Lovers do not bother about caste, creed, nationality, economic status, language (I  think gender is also added to these list of words 😉 ) as people say, Love is beyond all these. However, I have something to add to this list about love and lovers – Love is UNPROFESSIONAL and it makes Lovers UNPROFESSIONAL

Let me put this louzy UNPROFESSIONALISM OF LOVERS in simple words…for a real world girl friend…her boy friend is the super man or batman or whatever; for a real world boy friend…his girl friend is the beauty queen of the world and above all he or she is the world for them.  Perfect!!! Awesome!!! Their tiny world…each one for each other. However there is a twist in the tale or should I say there is a  main villain called “Work” and assistants of the villain called ” colleagues at work place”.

A real world girl friend or a real world boy friend is never bothered about these villains of their life 🙂 . They are so dedicated to their lovers that they don’t even allow their work to disturb them. They talk talk talk all through the working hours except for breaks to attend nature calls or emergency calls from Boss. All through the day, they don’t mind speaking to their lovers. Please don’t ever try to put a test to your brains by thinking….how the hell do they speak for those many hours…that too during working hours…that too in office….above all ..don’t ever try to think…what is the job profile or education background of the other person on the phone. May be …May be ..that person also might be working in another office…just like the fellow before you 🙂

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Meanwhile…if at all by your past karma or your bad luck if you happen to have such love bug bitten member in your team…you are gone.  He or she will always be speaking to himself/herself ….Nah!!!! Actually they will be speaking to their lovers through earphones. See! Think logically!!!! How can a person hold a phone for 24 hours….use technology!!! use!!! If at all you have to speak to them…don’t even ever dare to go to them and speak them directly….ping them in your internal messenger or your outlook.  They might or might not reply according to their convenience. As said earlier, these sorta love flu lovers, will never let their bloody work or colleagues come in between their life. Work should’nt be a disturbance…ain’t it 😉 . If at all you get a golden opportunity to get their glance after prolonged waiting….they give you a lousy look and you feel so guilty ..abashed for disturbing that love bug bitten colleague of yours. Oops!!! forgot to add, this lover once in a while requests other person on the phone by saying….am busy…am in meeting…am in training…I have lot of work….I will ring you in half an hour.  This is a typical case study of lovers in different locations. If the lovers are in SAME office, then forget that you have a team member. You will never time to meet them :D..they will be  in advanced stage of the love flu who are in ” 24 by 7 I love you” mode by default.

Added to this, you have some other categories like….24 by 7 Blushing machines and 24 by 7 Junk  machines.  These sorta people blush blush blush for NO reason all the times…particularly some girls belong to this category…..they complete 9 hours of their work by blushing 😛 . On the other hand we have 24 by 7 Junk  machines who speak only junk and try to attract the opposite gender by endless and meaningless talk.

Silly me wonders….what makes a person lovable to that extent….without doing our work and without letting them do their work. By the way, how lovable is a person if he/she DOES NOT HAVE  respect to the work they do, respect to the company they work for, respect to the profession they are into and respect to the colleagues of their work place. Does these sort of brands have any BRAND VALUE at least in the eyes of their lovers??? or should we think…junk is what junk does and junk is what junk gets….


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