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Mother Nature and You

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We are part of Mother Nature. The patterns in the Nature exist in humans too.  Growth, Beauty, compassion,toughness and all the Navarasas seen in Nature teach us – the Humans several lessons.  By Observing Nature we get to know and learn so many things. The Joy of observing nature is unfathomable 🙂 . She (i.,e Mother Nature) gives us solace in the times of grief,  gives us courage in the times of need. She hears and understands us with lot of patience all the things we speak ; which we can’t even share with our loved ones .  How much ever you observe and learn from Mother Nature still there are infinite beautiful and serene things to be learnt from her.  She inspires us in our life. She moulds us into better humans day by day. May be it well said “Knowledge of Nature shows the Nature of Knowledge”.  Take some time out of your busy day and spend time with nature :). Believe me….you’re worth it 🙂 . In this context I wish to recollect the  poem  written by Emily Dickinson. Here is the poem for all of you:

Growth of Man — like Growth of Nature —
Gravitates within —
Atmosphere, and Sun endorse it —
Bit it stir — alone —

Each — its difficult Ideal
Must achieve — Itself —
Through the solitary prowess
Of a Silent Life —

Effort — is the sole condition —
Patience of Itself —
Patience of opposing forces —
And intact Belief —
Looking on — is the Department
Of its Audience —
But Transaction — is assisted
By no Countenance —

Image used in this post is from this wonderful site and I got it through google search.


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A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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