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Joy Of Learning Understanding The Beauty Of The Subject :)

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Our Sir always says “Feel the joy of learning by understanding the ‘Beauty’ of the subject. Some friends of mine used to make fun by saying ” What the hell does this Kinematics or Thermo Dynamics has 😉 ” . Our Sir is very particular about each and every aspect related to learning.  The way he teaches Physics with lot of interest with wonderful examples, the way he makes use of the space on the board(Yep! I am not crazy. Using the space on the black board and the neatness with which we write on the board really matters to the student). The way he makes each and every student involve in the class by making them question more and think more is really beautiful 🙂

Some time back when I was taking a note about a special recipe from an old Aunt of mine; She said ” My Dear Lady! I don’t cook in extraordinary manner. I just cook this item like any other person. When we are doing any job we just need to do it with passion , with joy and understand the ‘Beauty’ of the job”. The way she cooks with lot of interest is really interesting :). She is very particular about the dimensions of the vegetables chopped, the order in which things are cooked, the way they are arranged.  In general, people are scared to peep into other’s kitchen while cooking fearing the spectacle of mess in the kitchen. However, when my Aunt cooks and does the things its really “feast” to the eyes.

Everyday as I wait for my cab, I get opportunity to see old gardener at his nursery. He takes care of his plants so carefully and he has complete idea about the health of each and every plant in the nursery. One day when I was talking to him he said he likes doing the job as it gives him joy and the ‘Beauty’ of nurturing different plants is awesome.

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I personally feel that no job is superior or inferior, every job is divine and when we understand the beauty of the subject we can really have the joy of doing it 🙂 . “Job” may be cooking Upma or solving a probability problem or designing a chip or repairing a turbine or giving a lecture  or attending a call or writing an article…anything. When we do a work with passion , automatically the job gets done with better quality and the success rate is high. However, joy of doing that task gives more happiness than the result of the job 🙂

Imagine being trained or being mentored from the mentors who come from above school of thought. The people who know the joy of training/ mentoring make their trainees or students understand the joy of learning . Such mentors really make their mentees understand the value, beauty of their jobs.  Only then, the respect for the work assigned and task to be accomplished grows.

We, humans are bound to get into complaint box mode some or the other time of the life. We  try to complain to others or ourselves about the lack of opportunity or  some or the other thing. We need not wait for the great tasks to come into our way, we need to do whatever is in our way with respect, dedication with joy by understanding the beauty of the task. Some how I could not resist quoting Helen Keller “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but my chief duty is to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.  The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.”


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3 thoughts on “Joy Of Learning Understanding The Beauty Of The Subject :)

  1. Like the “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”, I think the Joy of Learning cannot be explained in Words. It has to be experienced by one self.

    Thanks for this Wonderful Post.


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