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With a Lot Help From My Friends…

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.
Catching your tears,
When you cry.

Pulling you through when the tide is high.
Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Brittani Kokko has defined friend in a wonderful manner πŸ™‚

Okay…IΒ do notΒ want to sound soo emotional like Karan Johar’s lost soul sister….however, on the eve of another Friendship Day, I wish to Thank all my Friends for being my Friends and for helping me in this journey of Life. With a lot help from my friends am a more confident and happy person today πŸ™‚

Friends!! You know that I am not of the type who ties Friendship bands Β or throws party to friends in the most happening pub of the city on friendship day , however I just wish to say that I will be there for you whenever you need me :). God bless you all with good health, wealth and lots of happiness πŸ™‚ . Once again, Happy Friendship Day and wish to dedicate this song to all of you πŸ™‚


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

22 thoughts on “With a Lot Help From My Friends…

    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Valli,
      Happy Friendship Day. Thanks to orkut for bringing you back into my life :). Now I can’t imagine life without sharing my happy and tough thoughts with you πŸ™‚

  1. Hey Prasanna, Happy Friendship Day!! Thanks for the song! Am sure am one among the group to whom you dedicated the song…;)

    1. Any Doubts πŸ˜‰ …one more special dedication for you “Thank You for being my friend” (Me singing exclusively to you like Dorothy in In Golden girls ……)

  2. Hey! Prasanna

    A very happy friendship day to you….a friend hu is too good to b true! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day. And please do drop in…….

    1. Thank You Akka :). A Super Mom, super daughter, super sis, super worker, super student is a super friend and inspiration of mine…thanks for the message and will surely come to your place in one weekend πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely post Prasanna!

    A friend understands you without any words,
    Stands by you when nothing goes right…
    And willingly talks over problems with you
    Till they somehow just vanish from sight.

    With love

    1. Thank You Minali :)…btw confession time…poem written in this post is copied from your message written somewhere some time ago….thought it is nice and with the inspiration from Pritam and Anu sahab I too customized my post accordingly…hahhah
      Thank you my dear Angel Sis and Friend :). Wishing you all the best your life πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Srikanth,
      Thanks for the wishes and visiting my blog πŸ™‚
      Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

  4. Friends like you make the world a better place Prasanna.
    When one is bestowed with friendship, one must find something beautiful in a friend.

    1. Oh My God!!! After somany days……thank you thank you Aunty for taking time and dropping a message for me….its a blessing to have a friend like you πŸ™‚

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