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Adding A Pinch Of Hope To The LIFE :)

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There are some days on which my energy levels will be zero and today is one of such lousy days. On such days….even  a melodious  song of Shreya Ghosal or Awesome Poster of Ranbir  Kapoor or a plateful of Aavakai Pachadi or a Doughnut does not perturb me 😉 ……..Such is/was the level of gloominess 😦

As if my internal gloominess were not enough, it was drizzling so lazily (yep…it was lazy drizzle….so unprofessional rain…it rains only when I start to my work). Some how I managed to get into the cab…..the cab driver was is a “foul mood”. He was in fight with his wifey on the phone…..I really wondered why the hell are those mobile charges so less these days and people are literally getting time to fight too on the mobiles….Grrrrr.  We reached main road and to our luck…each and every signal of Hyderabad was full of traffic and there was traffic jam in every possible road and damn junction. We somehow reached the office by roaming some 20 kms extra in that traffic and gloomy weather.  Forgot to add….all my cab friends were also sooooooo gloomy today….each one of us sat in our places without turning even a single degree as if we had Petrificus Totalus (Body-Bind Curse) curse from Harry Potter’s magic wand 😀 . Me too did not bother to change the state as I was stuck in my inertia of gloominess. Some how reached the office and I was alone in the huge lift(some how I managed to forget that I am scared of lifts and escalators)… went well upto 6th floor …suddenly when it reached 7th floor…there was a powercut….for some seconds I was full too scared…somehow clicked the alarm….mean while the power was restored….Some how I could not stop blaming almighty for making my day sooooo lousy….

In the evening, had a good interaction with an acquaintance of mine. I never got opportunity to talk to her for such a long time…as part of chit chat…I suddenly came to know that she is a widow.  Some how this was shock for me. We never knew that thing about her. It was not even one year that she lost her husband of cancer. I could not stop controlling my tears as I heard her past incidents. She was so kind enough to motivate me. She shared some of her thoughts on being practical in life and the importance of having “Hope” on Life. She said, Life moves on… in-spite of the memories..which are good and bad. She said….give one more chance to Life with a Hope:). Some how, I still cannot believe that such a lively person has some tough situations in life . Its really amazing to see the way the she is dealing the life with lot of grace, dignity and hope. I hope and honestly pray that almighty blesses her with a nice future 🙂

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All through the way back to the home, I could not stop thinking about that lady and admiration towards her increased immensely. May be its well said It’s not what happens to you; it’s what you do about it that makes the difference”


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

One thought on “Adding A Pinch Of Hope To The LIFE :)

  1. Excellent… Experience the “TRY IT ONE MORE TIME” policy in case if you happen to go through such a Lousy Day again. I hope you will never be going through such again:).

    Cheers again and again and again.:)

    Have nice time and fun.

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