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Magical Musical Inspirational Song : Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke …

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Dor is one of my favorite  movies. Each and every character in this movie is so special. Human Psychology and the importance of emotions are depicted very well in this movie. Importance of having courage in life , not getting perturbed and discouraged in the process of achieving our goal is well emphasized. I remember seeing this movie way back in October 2006 for the first time. Watched this movie again and again several times in all these years.  Every time I feel little bit low or I feel a need for inspiration  I go back and see this movie for a while. Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke and Imaan Ka Asar are my favorite songs from this movie. This particular song “Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke”  is like a tonic for me. This song  makes me think optimistic and gives me courage….each time I hear it 🙂 . Thanks to the writer, singer and composer of this song 🙂

Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke
Yeh Arzoo kaise ruke

Manzil mushkil to kya
Dhundla Shahil to kya
Tanha yeh Dil to kya

Rahon per Kantein bekhere agar
Usme to phir bhi chalna hi hai
Shaam chupale suraj magar
Raat ko ek din dhalna hi hai
Root yeh dhaljayegi
Himat rang layegi
Subah phir aayegi

Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke
Yeh Arzoo kaise ruke (2)

Hogi hume jo rehamad ada
Dhoop kategi saye dhale
Apni khuda se hai yeh dua
Manzil lagale humko gale
Zurat sau baar rahe
Uncha ikrar rahe
Zinda her pyar rahe

Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke
Yeh Arzoo kaise ruke (2)


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

3 thoughts on “Magical Musical Inspirational Song : Yeh Honsla kaise jhuke …

  1. Excellent…Thank you very much for song “Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke”..Its a real treat to listen to this song again and again and motivate oneself. I just got motivated towards my mission once again today.

    Thank you very much.


  2. Thank you so much for this song,,,i was searching for it all places for a month nw and finally got it in ur website…:)

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