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The Axe Effect!!!

New Office, New work and New Friends are always interesting. So there will be the excitement and enthusiasm to talk more, know more and tell more . Last week, while  travelling to office, after the regular dose of chat in the cab with the friends I shut my mouth for a while as an interesting conversation in FM Radio grabbed my attention. Usually I don’t pay much attention to the anchoring in that particular radio program as there is no brainy stuff involved , it involves stuff as Who is the hero in the film? What color dress did he wear in this song? On what bike does the hero  come to pick up the heroine for the first time? blah blah blah. The best part …rather the worst part is its surprising to know that there are many”intelligent” folks who know these answers and they waste all their time and money to ring back and answer back. Callers feel so modest after the appreciation of our RJ for their intelligence 😦 . Whatever!!!

For a change on that day RJ told a mini moral story and I am sharing it with you. Ramu an enthusiastic guy joins in Somayya’s Workshop. Somayya, the owner of the workshop gives the work of chopping the wood logs( OMG!!! Don’t ask me why still the same old job usually referred in Chandamama and Balamitra books…..have patience….read the complete story). Ramu being very enthusiastic guy chops 10 logs on first day. He continues to do so for the first 3 months. After 3 months his performance decreases to 8 logs per day. After 6 months his performance decreases to 5 logs per day.  This decrease in performance bother Ramu. Ramu feels very abashed. He is not lazy, he is not un enthusiastic person, he is working hard as earlier….however, Ramu fails to understand the reason for the decline in his performance.  Ramu being a responsible person, he himself goes to Somayya and says “Sir! My performance is declining day by day…I am working as I worked earlier….still there is tremendous decrease in performance…..I feel so abashed for my low level performance. Please relieve me from the work, I donot wish to be a burden to you Sir.” Then the Big Boss Somayya replies in Marlon Brando fashion ” Dude!!! When was the last time you sharpened your Axe???”. Ramu does not remember when  was the last time he sharpened the Axe…as it was sooo long back.(By the way, don’t process in another part of the mind, why the hell is Ramu still using Axe when there is modern machinery…..this is just a story…so don’t think much). Somayya checks the expressions of Ramu and says “Dude!!! There is no problem with you, the entire problem is with your Axe and its sharpness. Don’t forget to sharpen your Axe on regular basis”. End of the story.

Almost all of us are enthusiastic, hardworking and we wish to do our assigned work as best as we can. We start with lot of enthusiasm…..however after some time (this time period varies from person to person) we may observe the decrease in the performance levels. We try to blame ourselves or other things related to us for our performance decline. We forget one basic thing “Supplying ample food for the creativity of the brain”. Apt food for the creativity of the brain is “constant update of SKILLS”. We need to update our skills regularly, we need to update our skills immaterial of our capability and experience. If we just don’t update our skills we will just rust 🙂 . Blaming others or blaming Karma, Blaming Boss or Blaming Company is useless as long as you don’t sharpen your AXE called “Skills” 😉

Hope you understood the impact of THE AXE EFFECT 😉

Have a nice day ahead.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

One thought on “The Axe Effect!!!

  1. Awesome… Undoubtedly… the best story… U may ask why???
    Well, thats not so complicated!!! The very fact of this story forced me to ponder over my own thoughts. And yes, might be a confession, but was on the verge of giving up.. So much that now, I see where is it that I lack. At the beginning, I was doing everything to the core where people used to rely on me for anything and everything, but as time passed by, it seemed like I’ve lost all of’em. This particular story has given me an insight of what I was actually missing… Thanks Prasanna. As always, and no questions asked… You Rock!!!!
    Wish I had such a blog where I can post my own…

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