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Happy Father’s Day :)

Today is Father’s Day and I wish a Happy Father’s Day to  My Nanna , My Brothers and to each & every Dad on this planet :).

I am more Daddy’s Girl than a Mommy’s Girl 😉 . And its more interesting and blessing to spend time with Dad in grown up years as this is the time they are more like Friends than parents. Mom says in my childhood I used to wait everyday without going to bed until Dad arrived home from office, now the things changed…Dad waits for me everyday until I come back from office ;). Touchwood!!!!

My Father is my role model and inspiration. My Nanna is the BEST for me. He rose to wonderful position of his career from lots of tough situations in life. Daring to Dream big and Striving hard with persistence to achieve dreams is the lesson taught to us by our Dad :).

Its always cute to see my 2 Brothers being such lovely Father’s to their Kids. Like all children, to my nephews and neice their Father is their HERO…hahha. I love the proud look on my brothers faces when their kids behave in matured manner and when they say some intelligent things. Of course,  the crazy and cute part is I  get scolded along with their kids when their kids behave in a crazy manner….all the good things of my nephews and niece are inherited from “Dad” whereas all the crazy things are inherited from”Atta” (i.,e Aunt) …hahhaha…Touchwood!!!

Here’s a lovely poem  to all the Father’s in the world. Don’t worry, I did not write it. Its a lovely poem written by Joanna Fuchs and here is the source

You may have thought I didn’t see,
Or that I hadn’t heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we’d grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It’s written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be
The woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I’ve grown up with your values,
And I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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