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Vicious Circle Of “Population- Poverty – Child Labor – Illiteracy”

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How do you feel if your 5 year kid fetches you a glass of water as soon as you come from office…. cute…chweet…is’nt it?  How do you feel if he is forced to give water to 100’s of people all the day???  How do you feel???

How do you feel if your 7 year kid does not attend school one day? You might not scold her as its only ONE day leave. How do you feel if she is not allowed to school at all for life time???

Don’t look at me in a weird manner with anger…you can’t even imagine that pathetic state of your kid…I understand your anger…most all the parents across the universe struggle day and nights to provide better life to their children. They are not doing any charity in struggling for their own children. However, there are other variety of humans on this planet who exploit their own kids for their own selfishness because they feel they are the CREATORS of their Children and they have SOLE right on their lives.

Every time I see people in media and other sections of community blaming the Governments for the Child Labor, I really get annoyed. Agree!!! Government is for the people by the people and its the duty of the Government to ensure the wellbeing of its citizens, however we need to understand that Government can do something in effective manner ONLY when its citizens are also cooperative.

The Vicious Circle Of  “Population- Poverty – Child Labor – Illiteracy” is something elusive and crazy. Pardon me if my analysis is little bit rude but still I wish to put forward my views.

Getting married or sleeping with some one and having babies is not great thing. Being responsible for the children born to you is the MAIN POINT.  This poverty and population are interrelated. Poor people have lots of lots of babies. Just as a cat and rabbit has several terms of babies in a year…most of the poor people also have this baby season often..almost one baby every one and half year.

Prominent reasons for this rapid and tremendous output: No proper family planning measures, illiteracy and no proper social relations, illegal affairs. Ok!!! If the reasons for this tremendous output are just these ..we can try to sort these by trying to educate them about the family planning measures and all. However, its alarming and disgusting to say that these people don’t put any control on their output power only for the stupid reason MORE CHILDREN..MORE PEOPLE FOR WORK …MORE MONEY…… Added to this they justify their child output by saying…if God is giving babies…God only will take care of them.

The immediate step after having lots of children is not enough money…it leads to Poverty. I really hate people who cite more children as the reason for poverty. Children don’t shower from heaven like rain…they come to Earth only when you produce them. Why the hell they can’t estimate all these when they are producing babies???? ( Apologies for this language of mine).

So the next step…. those parents can’t feed their children…forget about education and decent life.  So for survival they start sending their kids to work right from tender age. Added to these, these parents have ample money for their daily dose of local beer or any alcohol but they don’t have money for their children’s education.  Its really irritating to see lots of poor people in que near alcohol shops, toddy shops at the end of the day. I am not saying..only rich need to drink…for that matter..any person who drinks is in the path to hell. However, the impact of a person’s drink on his family varies in a rich and poor person.

Entire culprit for all these messy situations is “Illiteracy”. If a person is educated and if he knows the value of education ,  the way he thinks changes. Change in thought process is the first step taken towards development.  Such is the power of education. Believe me!!! Education is good for all the reasons. Kerala state in India is the only state with cent percent literacy rate and its only state where child labor is completely banned and its implemented.  Education brings knowledge to people and hence people tend to become wise in long run. Education keeps the human element in a person active almost all the times.

Poverty is not some thing anyone likes. Poor people are not sinners. It would be shameless and crude on our part if we try to look poor people as inferior people. Money is not the main issue. However, we should not sympathize with poverty or poor people…we should make as much effort as possible to help them to improve their lives.  I don’t mean to need to empty your valets or bank balance to make them rich.

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We can do our part in eliminating child labor by implementing small things like :

  1. Not employing children below 17 years in your household works or your offices. If you don’t employ them indirectly or directly you are discouraging their parents from sending their kids to work.
  2. Sponsoring the Education of atleast one child.
  3. Discourage people who employ child labour

Child labor is so mean. Do whatever you can do to eliminate it.  The tender hands which need to hold books and go to school should not struggle in industries and hazardous work environments. Think about it!!!!!

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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