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RAAJNEETI Movie Review : Awesome Treat To Politics Lovers

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Most of the films in India draw their inspiration from the epics, mythologies and History. One of the most awaited films of this season is Raajneeti by Shri Prakash Jha. As predicted this movie’s plot is a wonderful blend of current day Indian Politics and the panchama veda “Mahabharata”.

Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti is an intelligent modern Indian political film. Mind you!!! This film does not preach anything about change or does not give any false promises about the change in the system and all. This film beautifully depicts unbiased, realistic,  current political system in India. I will not kill the suspense of the film by writing the story in detail. I will try to analyse the film for you all :).

In this multi-starrer film every character is special and important for the film. Each of the actors have done a wonderful job. Its a grand feast to the movie watchers to see such talented actors on the screen in such meaningful roles. Arjun Ramphal, Manoj Bajpayee, Ajay Devgn, Nana Patekar, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif have done a wonderful job. Each of their roles are wonderfully screened.

In general, Rajaneeti Sastra is the Study of Governance. It contains the ethics, rules and methods to be adopted in governance of a state. Rajaneeti Sastra is all about Politcs and the issues related to it. In this movie they have depicted how the politicians adopt certain strategies and tricks for their success in the game of politics.  They have beautifully depicted the changes that occur in people that take place as a part of the game called “Politics”. In this Rajaneeti…there is nothing correct..nothing wrong…no one is perfectly bad and no one is perfectly good. Each one is entitled to behave in such a manner as they need to do so for the simple reason “Survival in Politics and Power”.

Prakash Jha, covered almost all the key concepts of Indian Politics.  Nepotism in Indian Politics is the main issue of the film. The role of women in Indian Politics is depicted in MOST practical manner. Though many women hate to admit it, it is a matter of fact that ORDINARY WOMEN cannot enter into politics. The concept of the main factors controlling the Indian Politics and the methods adopted to woo those factors is depicted in a fearless manner. The concept of wooing certain minority communities and the concept of industrialists controlling the finances of the parties is depicted well. Not to forget, the role of press in focusing the  right person in the wrong/ right time is also shown in a realistic manner.

We don’t get to hear the songs of the film, we get to hear only small bits. However, this will not be an issue as we will be very curious to know about the next step in the film. The screen play is awesome.  The story is so well written that we cannot really predict the twists and turns in the films. The dialogues are so catchy and some time blended with sarcastic humor.

I feel this is one of the best films in this season. This is an intelligent film and people who have interest in current affairs will enjoy it very much.  My rating would be 4/5 . Go and watch the film in this weekend itself. Beleive me. Its a treat to see Ranbir, Arjun, Kat , Ajay, Nana , Manoj in rocking roles. This film is worth spending your time and money. I really loved the acting of Arjun, Nana, Manoj  and Ranbir very much.

Just a quick info take a look at  the main actors and their roles in this film:

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Ajay Devgan Sooraj Kumar – Similar to the character Karna in Mahabharata
Katrina Kaif Indu Pratap –  We cannot resist drawing a small comparison to Mrs Sonia Gandhi. This Indu is forced to get into politics to continue the legacy after the demise of her husband in a bomb blast
Ranbir Kapoor Samar Pratap – Similar to the savyasachi- the one and only Arjuna
Arjun Rampal Prithviraj Pratap – Looks like Dharmaraj but its Bheema more
Nana Patekar Brij Gopal – Combo of Lord Krishna and Bheeshmacharya
Naseeruddin Shah Bhaskar Sanyal – The Sun God who comes into the screen giving a baby to Kunti and then disappears in the screen
Manoj Bajpai

Nikhila Trikha

Veerendra Pratap – Obviously its Dhuryodhana

— Bharati – Similar to Kunti in Mahabarata

Sarah Thompson Sarah Jean Collins– Hmm. She is a nice foreign girl who falls in love with the son of Indian Politician . This girl does not have much clue about the intensity of the politics.


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