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Thanda Thanda Cool Cool for this SUMMER

Yet another  year  of sweet hot summer in India ….this time temperatures are soooooooooo high right from March itself in all the places in India.  It’s already May and the temperatures are soaring high 😦 .

Due to these hot summers we are prone to sun stroke and several ailments related to heat.  I wish to share some of the advises from Dad, Mom, brothers, aunts, uncles, dadi’s and cousins related to home remedies on this SUNSTROKE thing….they are useful and thought I will share with all of you as they might be useful to all of you too……

1)Drink lots of water:

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Drink drink drink…untill u get bored…of drinking water..but be sure that u drink at least 10 glasses of water minimum….

2)Drink lemon water.

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Lemon juice(1 lemon) + pinch of salt + 1 spoon sugar + 1 glass of water = lemon water

Lemon water is amrut. This is juice of all seasons and for all diseases. It is good for sunstroke, it good for BP patients, it is good for diabetic patients, it is good for heart patients ….basically its an energize…even if people don’t have any sickness…even then they can drink it daily…..

If you want to make your lemon water lil bit more tasty…then add lil bit of ginger in it…take small piece of ginger, then grind it and add to the lemon water, it tastes good.

3) Drink Buttermilk.

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This is another great discovery of humans. Btw Buttermilk is not just water added to curd. There is something called “Churning process”. You need to add water to the curd and churn it with the centrifuge. I don’t know what you call it another languages but in Telugu we call centrifuge as “kavvam”. Churning of curd with water makes it effective buttermilk. Drink as much buttermilk as you can.
Btw you know what. You can make your boring buttermilk lil bit better by adding this special powder:

To make that powder take Lil bit of salt(may be a pinch of salt) + lil bit of sugar + lil bit of ginger + few curry leaves + jeera and grind all these stuff…. mix this stuff in your buttermilk…..your butter milk will taste better and because of these stuff much more value is added to that buttermilk…all these mentioned stuff are good for digestive system..

4)Drink Coconut water

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Whenever…wherever you  get coconut water, drink it….it is divine potion 🙂

5)Drink Barley water….(Barley water are soooooooooooo good for health..beleive me!!!). We get Barley seeds in shops. You need to take those seeds, boil them in lots of water. After boiling….filter those seeds and you get barley water. You can drink them with out without sugar in them.

6) Drink Orange juice.

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Hmm. This is my favorite juice. So I can drink and make orange juice any time 🙂 . The real secret is making orange juice is damn easy. Peel the orange, put those orange pieces in jar, add lil bit of sugar(if you want) and then add water….now you can make the juice and drink…this juice is an instant energiser…

After drinking all these stuff….

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If you have time and space left in your stomach….eat fruits which have more water content in it….watermelon is the BEST fruit.
To make your watermelon more yummy….sprinkle….pepper powder and lil bit salt on the watermelon pieces….beleive me..its soo yummy….

All the tips written here are tested and verified…so no need to worry 🙂

Btw…don’t forget to carry an umbrella if you need to go outside…may be it’s not fashionable to carry an umbrella…but its lousy to fall sick and the people who make fun of us will not take our medicines when we fall sick…so don’t bother about others….

Btw do share your tips if you have any to deal this sunstroke….

Drink Well, Eat Well and Stay Healthy.

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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