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Ramblings About Mother’s Day

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First of all let me wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s in the world.  Some how I fall short of words today to write about Mother and Mother’s Day after seeing several  wonderful posts, articles, poems , programs on Mother and Mother’s Day.

I don’t fall into that category of daughter’s who share everything with Mom and for whom Mom is Friend, Philosopher, Guide and all. Reason!!! That position is fully occupied by my Brothers 🙂 .  My Mom and Me share a Tom and Jerry relationship.  We happily disagree each other all the times on everything.

However, things are changing these days ..infact from few months. Just for the simple fact that I started looking at my Mom in a better manner. She is the same old wonderful mother who is always busy in the works of her daughter i.,e Me . For her I am a major part of her world. She wants me to look good, wear pretty clothes, do well at Job, study more in life, learn more cooking blah blah blah 😉 . She is even the same today, however I think I reformed my ways and my perception towards my mother.  Have been realizing the importance of parents, siblings these days very much after seeing some folks who don’t have them in their life now.  When I see them and their pain, I really get scared, feel ashamed and I feel that I need to be more responsible and caring towards my people. Nothing/No one is permanent in life, however we need to treasure the relationships in life whether its parents or siblings or friends…we need to treasure them.

So to butter my Mom on this Mother’s Day I made mega Break fast for Mom and Dad. My Aunt too joined for the breakfast and I overheard my Mom saying to Aunt “She makes food very deliciously within no time…provided her mood is good else she does not even look at Kitchen’s side”.  I felt nice hearing good words about me from Mom. Isn’t  it cute when Tom praises Jerry 😉

In the afternoon, when all were reading  Sunday’s papers TOI, THE HINDU, EENADU religiously. Suddenly My Dad became nostalgic seeing a quote in Eenadu paper’s Sunday book. The summary of the quote is like this: When there are 4 people and if there is food sufficient only for 3 people, the person who says ” I am not hungry and I not interested to eat now” is none other than MOTHER“.  My dad went back to a dull phase of his childhood where they struggled for food after a great economic loss. He explained to Mom and Me how our Granny used to struggle a lot in feeding the kids and how she used to sacrifice her portion of food for the sake of kids. Some how he felt happy that Granny lived a luxurious life  in her old age. I never saw Dad speaking to that length about Granny till date.

My Mother too felt nostalgic. She described how her mother  i.,e my Grandma struggled a lot in upbringing the kids with small salaries of Grandpa. She described how Grandma used to struggle in the village drawing water from the wells, using the wood for the stove and all.  Hmm!!! I didn’t knew that a single quote in a book  took Dad and Mom  in a time machine to past 🙂

Somehow, our discussion took a turn to present day’s Kids and Moms. We discussed the feelings, state of mind of kids of working mothers. The way kids are left in summer camps, some or the other workshop instead of spending nice time with Mom at home. Working mothers are also not on the wrong side. They too like spending time with kids , however career and the associated responsibilities make them take some tough decisions. Those decisions have impact on the kids.  Some how this part of discussion left me confused. I wondered if career is really important than kids? At the same I wondered in this expensive world is there any choice of working and not working? However,  Mrs.Kajol Ajay Devgn’s words in TOI’s special edition on Mother’s Day cleared my confusion to some extent and  made me happy. I quote Mrs.Kajol  “Your career is part of your life, your family is part of your life, and your whole life — your personality — is made of every part put together. It’s upto you to strike the right balance,”


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