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Wise Or Otherwise…

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From the past 3 days the news of Mrs.Kushboo and her Victory are really making headlines.  Ok!!! Good!!! She has won the cases. She is being praised for her VICTORY in all the channels and news sites. I really wonder, What is that these people are celebrating or trying to celebrate? Is this “Victory” that “Worthy” to be celebrated of this MAGNITUDE?

Ok. Agree. We do have freedom of expression, we do have freedom to live however  with whomever we can afford to. However, there is something called “Society and certain unwritten, simple and serene rules”. These unwritten rules are nothing but the beautiful strings that bind the society in a structured and beautiful manner. Just as  the planets, satellites,stars and other heavenly bodies stay in their own place without visible strings among them and contribute to the Universe , the society too has different people, living things binded by some invisible strings called social norms and unwritten rules.

However, the real question is “Who decides these rules , what’s the limit to these rules and are these rules same for all?” .Differences do arise in answering this question as there has been lot of injustice done to particular gender or particular caste or particular sect of people. However, we need to remember that aberration do happen and just because of these aberrations we should not disobey, shun the entire system or society. If we consider the Indian Society, we have beautiful , simple unwritten rules followed. Much more interesting thing is immaterial of the state and language these social norms are common among the people in entire India. These rules are not written or shared through emails or websites or anything. They are just transferred from elders to the youngsters. However, with the change in times, changes do happen in these social norms, however, drastic change and complete change may hamper the society. These thoughts make me wonder thinking what is real development? what is real empowerment?

We have ‘n’ number of petty, idiotic shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla, Swayamvar etc  being telecasted . Who do these people represent? Do they represent urban Indians? No Way? Almost all these contestants are workless, poorly dressed,brainless, immature , filthy language speaking people. It is so sick to know that they don’t have basic knowledge on current affairs of the country, they don’t even have the map sense. Their problems, issues faced and focussed are so irrelavant and unnecessary. Wearing itsy bitsy clothes , senseless ornaments and speaking filthy language is not empowerment, its not the change we need in the female or male population in India.

Anyone’s personal life is nobody’s business. However, when we are doing something which is different, which is uncommon in society we need not FLAUNT or FEEL PROUD of our acts. The same applies to live in relations . If someone is not bothered to marry ..let them not marry…however it is irritating, and a valid reason for agony when they try to preach and pose that they are brand ambassadors of the CHANGE of the society or the BRAVERY in the society. Excuse me!!! For heaven-sake don’t try to portray SHAMELESSNESS as BRAVERY!!! These sort of things cause great danger to the family system and the society. Human society is far structured than the Animal Society. We donot see Husband Dog, Wife Dog, Father in Law Dog, Mother in Law Dog , Chacha Dog, Chachi Dog etc…If this system of live in continues in the future Human society will also be a replica of Animal Society 😀

In India 37 % population is below poverty line, they donot have proper shelter, proper food. Apart from these the food inflation is so is very tough even for the common middle class person to make both ends meet. There is an urgent need to improve the literacy among the people. Proper Education gives empowerment and responsibility. Current population of India has 60 % of youth. They need to focus their lives on better goals and better things with social responsibility. Entertainment, Media plays important role in the society. It has power to make or perish the society too. It would be nice if media does not glorify or beautify wrong role models to the youth and children of the society.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

14 thoughts on “Wise Or Otherwise…

  1. u learn whats out there , then you pick and choose from your intellect bank and live ……..its like having all spices in kitchen cabinet ………often times you dont get to use them all . then you chuck the rest and replace with fresh stock 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog and well said. Thanks for sharing your views 🙂
      Would be nice if you visit my blog regularly and share your knowledge 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Anna! Btw ” good posting after many days” 😦 😀 . Will try to improve further 🙂

  2. Prasanna,

    I read your latest blog, for the first time, about Khusboo and her victory. You are very accurate, concise and to the point in your discussion. I congratulate you for writing such a thoughtful article. I wish I could write something like this.


    1. Thank you Uncle Ji 🙂 . Wish I could be a multi tasking singer- composer-painter -poet – mechanical engineer like YOU 🙂

  3. Ram Gopal Varma’s Rann says – As competition increases, Media no longer reports news, but it creates!

  4. Excellent Stuff…!!!

    Here are my questions to my fellow countrymen…Are we heading towards the another vicious circle of Shamelessness through En-fotainment Media? How are we going to sustain our rich culture and the systems associated with it in the years to come? What kind of values and principles are we delegating to youths of this country? Do the TV flicks like Splitsvilla, Roadies, Swayamwar etc including Mrs. Khusboo maam”s Straight Talk are carrying any moral resposibilities of education and awareness through media? Is it not incorrect, unethical use of the freedom of speech and information broadcasting? Hope we all got the answers for these. Its time for action. Being “Wise” lets start the revolution from our ownself today “Otherwise” lets prepare for the consequences.


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