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Random Thoughts on Complex Indian Serials and Films

Brainless stories and Films are really good energizers. They have immense power to make your day humorous. The senseless twists and meaningless turns in serials and films make your world better. Reason!!! When you come back to real world you feel very happy that your real world is simple and logical than those serials or films 😉 . Thought of writing some of the silly things from some Indian serials and some Films

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Why is that in Serials and Films people from extremely different backgrounds get attracted and they happen to fall in Love. We have several interesting combinations like very very poor Heroine and very very rich Hero; very very rich Heroine and very very poor Hero. Can’t normal deals and stories be made? May be love is blind. May be those hero and heroine are not bothered about this materialistic world , wonder if they are poor in Maths and Economics 😉

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Why is that in Serials and Films we still have completely illiterate Hero or Heroines. Added to that the illiteracy of that Heroine or Heroine is depicted in “Cute” manner? Oh My God! Is Illiteracy cute even in this 21st century 😦 Wonder why did’nt those Hero or Heroine make an effort to have basic education instead of concentrating on make up, variety of cloths and all. I still cannot figure out how “illiteracy” is  found to be cho cute and chweet!!! . In real world people are dying to improve their lives by studying more and more…with quotas and without quotas…whereas in this serails 😦 . Wonder how an illiterate hero or heroine is found to be interesting for any one 😦

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Why is that in Serials and Films , whenever a Hero gets hurt on his head or hand , Heroine immediately tears her saree or dupatta so easily and ties that cloth to the Hero. Mind you!!! That saree or dupatta will not be some simple cotton material it will be some strong silk or polyster material. Wonder if that Heroine has long nails or may be she has expertise in tearing strong clothes easily 😦 . This trick of Heroine is still followed in serials, saw this bit couple of weeks back in Bandini Serial in which Santu tears her saree to the wounded head of Dharamraj Mayyavanshi.

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Why is that in Serials and Films, if a Hero or Heroine disguises himself or herself , all of us can easily identify our Hero or Heroine and unfortunately not even a single person in the screen, I mean in the serial or Film does not identify. May be all those people are of poor IQ levels 😉 The crazy part is the disguising is just done with minimal things like a ghoonghat for girls and beard , spectacles for guys. They should not try such cheap tricks on audience. They need to take lessons from Kamal Hassan or Amitabh on this make up issues.

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Why is that in Serials and Films, the Heroine takes up the job of Sherlock Holmes or James Bond and does all the investigation. Why does’nt she inform the people in the house about the problems and why does’nt she take the help of Government , legal system instead doing all the silly investigation and wasting our time. Tulsi, Parvathi, Jassi, Bani , Santu…uff this category  of heroines is endless…in all these serials the heroes who intially were depicted as intelligent, tech savy and wise turned into duffers without minimal common sense…such feminist serials…hahhha.

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Why is that in Serials and Films, the main characters go into coma and come back in wrong time. In some cases they come with extremely different faces. How is that this extreme medical technologies are not available in real world. The interesting part is during all these surgery people even grow or get short in their height. Such a wonderful medical science and medical technologies. Wish we get all those in real world 😉

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Why is that is Serials and Films, we get to hear variety of chants and music in the background. Who is going to sing all those. Why is that they show the expressions of each persons multiple times with that khadoos , weird music. Do all these people have some problem. Why is that their reaction time is sooo slow 😦

Whatever…as long as people watch we get to see all these stuff. Do share in this post your observations on Indian serials and Indian films.


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3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Complex Indian Serials and Films

  1. You forgot about some things….
    2nd marriage is always legal in serials, and 1st one is void with that. somehow heroine always finds a rich family whenever she leaves/left-by the hero. and heroine’s are gods (sooner or later) in the eyes of hero’s… 😀 🙂

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