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One-O-One Post of My Blog

OMG!!! This is the One-O-One post of my blog. Its interesting and happy to  know that I  published 100 posts in this blog of mine. Blogging has been interesting and so too this blog. This blog became an integral part of my life. Hope I continue to write in this blog for another 50 years(Uff! Another 50 years is too much…hehhe).

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I wish to dedicate this One-O-One post to the most important people of my life i.,e my Brothers. They are my life line,  my best friends,  my angels and of course my lovely elder brothers. They being 9 and 7 elders to me have an immense influence on me right from childhood. For me they are the super heroes and source of inspiration. Often Mom and Dad bug me by saying that I am a crazy sister of crazy brothers 😉 . Sometimes Mom and Dad get frustrated by the levels of confidence and trust I have on my brothers. My friends will know about my brothers as they have no other option left as I keep on referring to my brothers in some or the other context.  I did not have any necessity to have a special class of friends called “Best Friends” separately as my two brothers are my best friends till date(touchwood!!!). Somany scared me by saying ‘Brothers will change when they get married’. Interestingly, no change has happend in my relation with brothers except for beautiful addition of some more lovely people like bhabhis , nephews and niece in to my life.  Whatever am I today is because of my brothers. They encourage me to be independent, develop interest in different things in life,  live life to the fullest extent and last but not least they always feed the “Optimism” potion to me whenever I feel stressed.

My Brothers and Me

It would be wise on my part if I stop boasting about my brothers before you people faint or get hysteric 😉


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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