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Good Article : Taking Responsibility – the Biggest Freedom

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I had grumbling start to the day as I was vexed with lots of medicines for cold , cough and several other silly ailments. It is really sick to be sick and to be on several food restrictions even though its a temporary phase and state. Added to these several confusions in Life. Had no other option except to motivate myself.  And as said by some mahan Japaneese guru “Motivation is like a bath, it should be taken daily”, we need to refill the fuel of motivation in us everyday not for the sake of others , for our own sake  🙂 .  I came across this lovely article and I thought I must post it here and most of my friends know that I have this irresistible desire to share the things I know with all my friends 😉




Taking Responsibility – the Biggest Freedom

By Nisandeh Neta

Let’s go for a bus ride, shall we?
You’ve actually been traveling in this bus for quite some time already.
This bus is called your life.
It has a destination plate on the front.
You have simply never read it before, as you’re not accustomed to being on the outside of your bus.
You choose who’s driving, while you’re hanging around and enjoying the ride.
Some choose their mother or father (or both) to drive their bus; others nominate a social, political or spiritual figure to drive their bus, whilst others choose a significant other.
In fact, most people I know nominate another to drive THEIR bus.
The driver may change over the years or as a result of different events.
For a while, you may even nominate your physician or therapist to be the driver of your bus, perhaps even your lawyer or accountant.
In most instances, you choose experienced drivers.
They know how to shift the gears, use the blinkers and operate the radio.
Since you don’t know your destination, they’ll take you where they think you ought to be going. It will ultimately be their choice of destination.
And while your designated driver drives, you can enjoy the ride. Walking from the first row to the last one, living happily (or not) in your little bus, called life.
Since you have nothing of significance to do, you may get a little bored.
Most people do.
Some fall asleep, hoping to fall into an interesting dream.
Some fill the emptiness with anything they can find in the mini-bar of the bus.
Others still, turn on the little blue box at the rear of the bus, staring at the moving pictures, describing other people and their bus journeys.
It’s not until many years and as many miles down the road that the realization dawns upon them, “Hey, I’m missing my journey”.
I see it everyday.
Some wake up 5 or 10 years too late only to discover that while their spouse drove their bus, they missed their children’s early years.
Others wake up with a bang, usually around their forties to realize that while their boss was driving their bus, they forgot what youth, playfulness and joy were.
Most people are afraid to drive their own bus.
They believe that they’re not capable. Not good enough.
They were conditioned to believe that others know better.
Some think that they have no choice. They were born with a driver and that’s life.
For many it’s comforting to know, that there’s always someone else to blame for any bump in the road or a turn that leads to a dead-end.
However, there are also consequences and costs for not driving your bus…
You feel powerlessness as a direct result of not having control over your life.
You are traveling in a direction that in reality has nothing to do with where you really wish to be… your destination.
Usually your driver chooses the radio station he or she likes. And this constant background music might not be to your liking.
And most of all, traveling as a passenger in your own bus is infinitely boring and unfulfilling.
So, how about taking the steering wheel in your own hands.
Give your driver a 15-second-notice and then throw him or her off your bus.
See what happens.
When you sit in front, you’ll see the road ahead of you.
You’re not that busy with all that surround you from the sides.
You don’t spend valuable time, looking back through the rear window.
Everything is new, fresh and exciting.
The bumps on the way are still there, but this time you choose how to handle them.
You can even choose your favorite radio station.
I can hear some of you screaming from the back, “God is my shepherd, God is my designated driver!”
Well folks, here’s a newsflash: if God is your shepherd, then his job is to navigate, not to drive!
Make friends with God, Spirit, the Universe, your Higher-Self – whatever you want to name it. Invite him (her) to sit next to you and ask him what’s your destination. He knows it.
Then, along the way, you can ask him what’s the best turn here and there… and listen carefully.
When you get the answer – it is still YOU who choose to follow the directions, or turn the other way.
Remember, the destination is only an excuse for the journey.
So, enjoy the ride.
PS. Wanna know what is written on the destination plate of YOUR bus?
It says… freedom!

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