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Give Some thought to…

This quote of Helen Keller “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do” is ringing in my ears right from the morning.  Several thoughts were flowing in mind and in this context I thought I will share some things which came into my mind.

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1) Never Waste Food: You may think that I am being preachy. However, I wish to explain in few lines about this.  Please pack the left over food and give it to the needy people. There are several people dying without basic food. When you go to a restaurant, it happens that sometimes we order more than we need , in that case, please don’t feel shy to ask those people to pack the left over food. You can give it to the needy people. This act of yours really really helps them. May be you may not feed them daily, however there is nothing wrong if they get to eat nice food one day 🙂 .

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2) Old clothes to new lives : Most of us are blessed and privileged that we get to wear decent apparel. We are capable of buying new clothes every year.  So, for every 5 or some new dresses you buy donate at least one of your old clothes to the needy people. This way, you will not get poor , however, it gives you happiness.

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3) Respect Nature : We all are part of Mother Nature.  Respect the Nature. Spend some time of your day close to nature.  Protect the trees. Do not pollute the nature .If it is not possible to walk leisurely in the nature, atleast try to plant small plants in your home, water them, take care of them daily. Believe me, spending some time with plants is really awesome and refreshing.

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4) Be Nice to People “Dil se”: “Nice” is a simple world. However the scope of things that come into “Nice” category are huge and simple. Smile, Wish, Thank, Greet, Listen to , Talk to people around you. You may wonder, what am I saying. These small things may sound funny, we do all these part of our life as we are social beings, however, the next time you smile at a person, talk to a person, greet a person or listen to a person…do it with “Dil se” . After all people can feel your positive vibrations.

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5) Don’t Bargain : We often hear elders saying bargaining is an art, we need to bargain a lot before we actually buy the product. Its not fair to bargain all the times. Do not bargain with vegetable sellers and other small business people. Does it make any sense to bargain for 4 or 5 Rupees commodities. What do those sellers get? They are very simple people and they make livelihood out of those. So give it a thought when you are bargaining with a fruit seller or vegetable seller on the road side. Do we bargain with the lady in Life Style or Shoppers Stop to reduce the price of the make  up articles or add one more lip gloss or add little bit of cream to the purchased one? NEVER. This thought itself sound so cheap and downmarket. We buy such expensive things without speaking any single word.  So next time when you are bargaining with a fruit seller or vegetable seller for 1 or 2 rupees…just give a thought to your bargaining and the actual amount of “gain” you are getting……

However, by doing all these, we may not bring drastic changes to the people in this universe, however, small things make difference :). By the way all these are not completely my tips or thoughts…some shared by friends..some shared by elders in the family…. Its time to give some thought to these…..and then practice them.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

4 thoughts on “Give Some thought to…

  1. great blog post Prasanna , these r very small things we can follow and can contribute a lot in society without much effort .

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