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Robin Sharma uvacha and Rayaprolu interprets : Deathbed Mentality

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Teaching Profession is such a dangerous job. Yep!!! I mean it!!! People from this teaching profession knowingly or unknowingly become preachy or give advise when some one is in a confusion or seeing some help. May be they don’t mean to ‘preach’ unnecessarily , however they  try to ‘teach’ unnecessarily. May be somewhere I still have that “Teacher Mentality” hidden in me. Today, a friend of mine started her day in a lousy manner. She is regretting that she liked something, studied something and she is working on something. She is worried about the “Career Path” ,  “Her goal in life” and all. She is good at singing and she wants to learn carnatic music in a professional manner. She feels that she did a mistake by not pursuing carnatic music. She hopes to learn music SOMEDAY in some RIGHT TIME!!!
She is a lively and bubbly dear friend of mine. I could not see her in that sad mood.  I just asked her “How old are you? Are you a Fossil fuel? Do you think that you are that old that you don’t have time and energy to do anything in life? Why do you feel as if you are dead? Why can’t you learn music Now? Do you think it that late to start afresh? What are you waiting for? When do you think is RIGHT TIME? ” . And its common sense, when people are little bit low, they religiously hear to the people whom they have faith in. So making this point as an advantage I started my Bhashan.
Thadha! An idea struck in my mind. I remembered my life line , Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who His Sold  Ferrari” in this book he mentions a concept called “The Deathbed Mentality”. I asked my friend to adopt “Deathbed Mentality”. My friend who is already little bit low today looked at me with a bed pan expression. She slowly asked ” Will you care to explain me about this Deathbed Mentality”. Not to scare my friend more, I explained her about this deathbed mentality concept. When some one is in deathbed, when they know that they have few days to live, they try to utilize their each day to the fullest extent, they do the things which they longed to do, they don’t waste their time in regret or any meaning less things. Basically they will try to make use of the TIME LEFT to the fullest potential. The outlook  of the people in deathbed towards  family members, friends and all other people really improves. They try to leave the world without regrets and they try to use every moment effectively and happily. By this time my friend looked at me with a smile and  I  concluded my Bhashan by saying ” Sweet Heart! To make our life effective, to understand the beauty of present life and present moment we need to adopt this Death Mentality.”
I wonder if this interaction with my friend helped her, however, it made me to introspect and look back at my life with a positive manner 🙂 . This is the beauty of teaching, you learn more every time you teach to others. I wish to quote some words from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” in this context :
“Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness. This is your birthright!Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured. Wipe out every thought of not achieving your objectives, whether they are material or spiritual. Be brave, and set no limits on the workings of your imagination. Never be a prisoner of your past.Become the architect of your future. You will never be the same.”


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

One thought on “Robin Sharma uvacha and Rayaprolu interprets : Deathbed Mentality

  1. Haha! Lovely post. I actually had the same teaching feeling today. It’s great that your friend responded positively! My friend was still negative..I suppose she also got annoyed at me. Maybe she wanted me to be miserable in her woes but thats not something I do. When someone shares their sadness with me – I give motivation! I try to inspire! Saying things which would make them feel like their sadness is justified isn’t my type of thing.

    But truly, you have said some gold things. I love how you said that teaching makes you learn more every time! And thanks for that paragraph too!!

    Love ❤

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