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When Will Our Country Be A Developed Country?

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Yesterday was one of the hottest days in this summer. After meeting a friend in Madhapur I went back to home. All through the travel I observed leisurely either sides of the roads of Hyderabad. Obviously Madhapur is developing rapidly and we will wonder if we are really in India. It is such a posh area. On the contrary, I found some people literally in pathetic state on the streets in that hot weather.  These people donot have basic , decent shelter and basic facilities. This type of things are most common in our country. I have not discovered something new. However, this huge gap between the economic conditions of people in same country is something elusive, something painful.

Some how I feel very bad and so sad when I see poor people without basic amenities. We cannot brush aside this issue by saying “Oh! Those people are lazy, they don’t work hard, they don’t make an effort to improve. So they don’t deserve any sympathy”. It’s not like that, they do work hard a lot in extreme climatic conditions. They work in hot summers, they work in cool winters, they work in rains. Don’t they deserve better life? Don’t they have right to live a decent life?

It is so strange that we have debates in news channels about India being the next super power, India’s role in UN , India’s comparison with several nations in Europe and America and all. Yes, I am very proud that I’m an Indian. I love India. However, I’m not bothered if India will be next super power. I’m not bothered if India has a space mission to mars or saturn or pluto. Reason!!! Still there are crores of people in India who are below poverty line. Still there are crores of people who don’t have proper shelter, proper meal a day. Still there are crores of people who donot have basic education.

I’m not a pessimist. I live in reality. I cannot live in my own la la land by eating my own share of pizza or driving my own Lambhorgini car. It really bothers to see fellow people living in pathetic situations when we are leading decent life. Is there proper count of the entire people in India? Is Government for every person dwelling in India? If so then they deserve a better life. Yep. I agree people too have their own share of duties to be done. Still, every citizen of India living in India deserves a better life.

Every person should have decent shelter, proper food everyday. They need proper health care. When will all the people get these basic things? I have been studying right from my childhood that India is a developing country. I hope atleast my grand children read and feel that India is a developed country.

I really don’t know how people define the term “Development”, however, I feel a country or a place is developed when the people dwelling in that place have decent shelter, have decent food, decent living conditions and have decent education and working opportunity and conditions. Any nation which looks after its citizens properly by ensuring basic amenities is a Super Power.

May be this post does not have any goal and direction. May be I cannot do anything to change the poverty of the crores of people. May be my writing of this post in blog  does not help any person. Still, May be, May be….I may help as much I can at least  some people who are trying to improve their conditions. May be then I can say proudly “My country is a developed country” . There is nothing wrong in having HOPE 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

2 thoughts on “When Will Our Country Be A Developed Country?

  1. I like the way your blog posts convey some message and make people think.

    “I hope atleast my grand children read and feel that India is a developed country.” – well put!

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