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What if words in my blog have the power to speak?

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Upon lot of introspection, I felt that I need to change the theme of my blog. It has been so many years that I really cared about the looks of my blog.  The thought of changing the theme of my blog made me emotional. I some how have special bond with the previous theme of my blog, it is such a clean and green theme.

I like greenery anywhere whether its real life or internet life . So, I searched for a while different themes and finally chose this theme. Actually, one of my acquaintances adopted this theme for their blog and I felt that the layout is clean and neat. So I too applied the same theme for my blog. Nah! That’s not called COPYING. Its called getting INSPIRED 😉

Change is good , however it is inconvenient too. Dealing with NOSTALGIA is the biggest challenge in CHANGE. When I was dealing all these emotions I suddenly got a thought “What if words in my blog have the power to speak?” .

Immediately I started writing the emotions of WORDS in my blog ‘while undergoing the journey of change’. Here are those feelings of my words:

“Oh My Dear Prasanna!!! First of all thank us for bearing you all these years. You know what!!! It takes lot of courage, tons of patience, gallons of persistence to deal with you and your emotions. You are so inconsiderate towards us. You never bother to worry about our working hours, our capabilities. You write whenever you want and whatever you want.

Prasanna!!! Do you understand what are we saying? We are breaking our heads to understand your psychology. One day you sound like a simple, God Fearing , Old fashioned girl and on that day you write  cute words, other day you sound like a Harsh, Atheistic, Tom Boyish girl and on that day you write all unconventional stuff. Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! One day you write  Inspirational stuff and on that day when we try to come to a conclusion that you are an inspirational girl the next day itself you write stuff which makes one sob and sob and sob….!!! What sort of girl are you Prasanna!!! Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! One day you sound like a feminist and mind you give interesting examples to back your silly theories and by the time, we (words) start understanding you, you write another post shouting at the top of your voice ” Do women need reservation”. Prasanna!!!  For heaven sake, Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! Please would you mind confessing one thing!!! Don’t you write all the serious stuff in the name of “HUMOR”. To which variety of humor does your humor belong to??? Don’t you have guts to write the serious issues as they are without adding your stupid humor to those stuff. Is it necessary to add humor to those serious stuff. Please!!! Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! One thing for sure.  Whatever item you are! Whatever species of mankind you belong to. We love you. All these years you were very sincere with us. You were never hypocritical with us. You shared your feelings with us without any hesitation. You had faith in us. Your trust in us means a lot to us. Its a big responsibility. We know that we are your best friends in the world. In fact you consider us as your family. So we too accept you as you are. We too have undergone several emotions of yours all these years. We cried when you cried, we laughed when you laughed.

Prasanna!!!  Today you wanted to make us more beautiful. You tried different themes. Initially we were very adamant. We showed our acceptance or refusal to the themes by adjusting in them and not adjusting in them. Prasanna!!! Some themes were so pathetic that we felt suffocated in those. However, you chose this theme, this sounds good. We have faith in you, we trust your choices. This theme is really spacious. We are really excited to change into new theme. However, as you know Prasanna!!! Change is good but it is inconvenient too. We feel like a new bride who moved from her maika to sasural. We feel soo nostalgic about our old theme. We remember all the good old days where we faced different situations of life. However, we being optimistic are looking forward with lot of Hope to this new theme. Prasanna!!! We really wish and pray that this new theme and change ADDS MORE COLORS TO YOUR LIFE. Have a nice time ahead”.



Prasanna Rayaprolu

PS: People who have fainted after reading this crazy post of mine are advised to take one glass of lemon water. Please don’t forget to add lil bit of sugar and salt to those lemon water. Lemon water helps people in getting instant energy.



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

6 thoughts on “What if words in my blog have the power to speak?

  1. Dear words, u r lucky enough to be written by a person like Prasanna, yeah its tough to be in her hand but thats the only way u made us read u many a num of times….

  2. Now i’m imagining all the words in your blog coming to life and walking, talking and running around you, like in an animated movie! 😀

    I’m drinking lemon water now btw…..

    not because of your post but because of the summer heat!

    1. Words, Numbers moving around….Just like the Darsheel Safary in TZP….hahha
      Good to see that you are taking precautionary measures before reading the blog itself.

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