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Swades Film Revisited :)

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This post is NOT a detailed and logical analysis on SWADES movie. I wish to post all the random thoughts of this lovely movie. I watched this movie on  TV yesterday again…may be for some 25th time or some 30th time. I never get bored watching this movie 😉 .

I love each and every character in this movie. The characters Gita and Mohan Bhargava are really wonderful characters. Gita is such an assertive lady who is very much dedicated to the mission of education in her village. She does not mind sacrificing her love for the sake of her pious mission.  Mohan is a scientist at NASA, obviously well-educated person , he renounces everything for the sake of his motherland.

This film is not a regular film where a hero is back of heroine running around trees and bushes with different costumes. This film is about two different individuals who are goal oriented and how they try to contribute for the development of their SWADES in the journey of their life.

The most important aspect of this film is the way these people try to put their mission in life on high pedestal than any other thing in LOVE or MONEY or POSITION. The concept of this film is not from utopia…its based on real life story .

One of my favorite scenes from this lovely movie. This is the scene when Gita expresses her views on Woman, Marriage and work , it’s truly inspirational and mind-blowing 😉

Yeh Tara Woh Tara -This is the song in which Mohan(SRK) tries to emphasize on the beauty of unity :

Pal Pal Hai Bhaari – This song beautifully explains “Ram”. Best part of the song is when Mohan(SRK) explains who is real RAM and real RAVAN:

Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera – This song is so serene and the beauty of motherland is explained very well

Oh…this post will be endless when I try to write to write about this movie. This is such a master piece that I love each and every bit of this film.

If you have’nt watched this movie, go and get the DVD right now and watch it 🙂 , meanwhile I will search for my version of Mohan Bharghava …are you there??? Do you exist at all???


Prasanna Rayaprolu

PS: There is some detailed analysis of this film in this site, do check it



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