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Its very crazy when people just don’t accept you as you are, without respecting  your feelings and your opinions. What is more sick is when people try to force their opinions on you, in the name of experience in life . If everyone’s life is same if everything has to happen according to some standard template then world might had not been a wonderful place. It might have been dead by monotony.

Setting some so called Milestones in life is practically foolish.  People have this standard template : Complete schooling by this time, complete graduation in this subject with this percentage by this time, then get into research..then get into job..then get married..then have children..then get them educated..then get them married…then ….die only after everything is set…Gimme a break!!! Everyone want’s life to be normal. No one plans to create disasters in life and then try to pose to be a Hero. If your life is not according to the above mentioned template…people consider that “Your life is Handicapped”…..

People are so sick that they don’t let you build your life slowly and enjoy your life in its current state. They try to pull you down each and every time by showing you the bloody standard template of life. Much more sick issue is they try to give you gyaan by showing the case studies of the people who are successful by following the standard template. Oh My Good ness!!! If You were born to be like the other person why did God create You separately….You are unique in your own way…the situations you face in your life are different …why bother to hear those comparison tales.. BE YOURSELF. RESPECT YOURSELF. ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE.

Kuch To Log Kahenge
Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna
Chhodo Bekaar Ki Baaton Mein
Kahin Beet Na Jaaye Raina
Kuch To Log Kahenge
Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna………..





A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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