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Monalisa Smiles….Monalisa Still Smiles…

It is always interesting and fascinating to attend lectures at University of Hyderabad. It was my dream to attend classes there by joining some or the other course. Finally got a good opportunity to study there from the last year. Everything about that University is awesome, only one issue is the travel from my home to University.

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Yesterday’s journey was one of the craziest journey’s I ever had to anyplace. Yesterday’s  journey of mine  to University reminded me of  “Shahrukh  Khan in Swades”. I travelled in several modes of transport amongst variety of people. First I travelled with my brother on a bike to a certain extent. He dropped me at a Bus stop. As I could not get into any Bus I got into an auto. To my luck, that auto was like a decorated donkey. That auto is rich in interior decoration too 😦 . The speciality and the beauty of that auto and autowallah is that fellow is a Himesh Reshmiyya’s fan. I have never seen any person moving around having the posters of Himesh Reshmiyya. Entire auto had Himmy Bhayya’s photographs in several poses. Good Collection… :(. Added to this, I was privileged to hear the songs of Himmy Bhayya all through the way in that Auto. Sometimes in Life we don’t have choices 😦

Some how I managed to land in the next stop of mine. From there I got into another bus which goes until the main gate of the University Bus. I was very happy that I could get a proper seat in that rush bus. Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost!!!!

The bus ride started well and it stopped near a college, some gang of girls boarded into the bus. One girl stood near my seat and when lifted my head to see her, I was shocked for couple of seconds, she tied dupatta completely over the head and unfortunately in this act of draping the dupatta to secure her head she did not bother to have the dupatta in the right place.  She dumped her bag on my lap, good God..I really don’t know..what she had in that was easily some 10 kg .  I convinced my selves by saying to myself ” OK!!! it happens…” .  I just could not do anything except for smiling like a tired, angry Monalisa.

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The best part was she started talking in the phone happily dumping her bag on my lap. She seemed to be young….however….could not stop overhearing her words…she was speaking to her “friend”. She was saying something something like “You know stupid!!! I am not reading for the exams, because of you…because of you…stupid. You know!!!! My ears are paining because am speaking to you on mobile for several hours” . ( Looking at her books I can say that she is from 12th class…I was pretty irritated by this time…such young girls such silly discussions…uff!! That too girls who are not bothered about exams while going to exam hall….) I might have not bothered about her problems if she had not dumped her bag on me.  Thankfully, she got down after some time. She didn’t even bother to say ‘Thankyou” while collecting her bag. In that stage, an elderly lady got into the bus. She got into the seat next to me as it became vacant. She smiled at me. I too smiled at her. Ok!!! Everything is normal. She asked me where am I going to get down, I just replied “HCU”. Next she asked me if am student or if am working there. I said I am going there to attend classes for a course. To my luck, may be that elderly lady determined to question me more…I wonder if she is Quiz Master Siddartha Basu’s Sister or Derek o Brien’s Aunt or at least she might be Socrates Bhoot. She asked me several questions. I stopped answering them , I just could not control my anger and I could only SMILE like an old , hungry Monalisa.

Still, she did not leave me, she was surprised why am I studying in spite of working and she was surprised why am I travelling all through the way such number of kilometers to University, She was curious about my pay, martial status and all. I never knew that people ask questions to this level…that too..strangers… believe me..I did not entertain her to this level. If I had given any liberty she might have asked my ATM passwords, bank locker codes etc…everything on the Earth.  She continued to shoot her questions  and by God’s grace bus reached University and , I just smiled to her while getting down. She developed a scorn on her face, she felt that I was head strong and I did not respond her questions. As soon as I got down, I felt like a prisoner liberated for the kaalapani Jail. I just walked happily to my department very happily singing ……and did not give any chance to my mind to think about that people in the journey.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

One thought on “Monalisa Smiles….Monalisa Still Smiles…

  1. good one prasanna …same issue of dumping bag into my laps happens for me evry time.dont know what tehy think about who have got the seat to sit…

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