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Wish they get a better treatment ~ Trans-genders in India

Recently saw a program on “Hijras” i.,e Trans-genders on TV9 News Channel. In that program they have shown about an NGO which works for the upliftment of TG community. They have shown different people belonging to TG community who are educated, working and trying to make change in their lives.

Frankly speaking , I am scared of these Hijras. Most of the TG’s I see are near traffic signals or in trains who force /demand people to give money speaking filthy language and doing filthy acts and not to forget about their weird makeup. Whenever any Hijra comes , I immediately give  5 rupees or 10 rupees so that they don’t linger there. I never give money to them out of some compassion or any generosity.

Somehow, watching this program on TV really made me think. I was really surprised to hear that they don’t have right to vote in many places …may be according to constitution they have the right but….almost all the times they are not counted seriously while enrolling into voters list…they did mention about other issues too….like not getting shelter. No one really dares to have TG’s as tenants and Government is not that really bothered to give them special accommodation. The founder of that NGO  tried to explain  about the weird behavior of most of the Hijras in India. He said that most of these TG’s behave in a rude manner or get into flesh trade as they have no other option left. He explained about different pathetic cases where the parents disowned their children as they were Trans-genders. The founder urged people to consider TG’s as HUMAN BEINGS and requested government to recognize them as citizens of India by giving them ration cards and voting rights easily just like any other gender people get.

Another most interesting aspect of that program was the interviews with different TG’s. Some are well-educated and some are really dedicated to make the lives of fellow TG’s better. I did mention this point as most of us think that “TG’s or Hijras are NOT BOTHERED to help themselves or develop themselves”. This notion is wrong.

After watching this mind-blowing program on TV, I made a tiny resolution of not getting scared or unnecessarily getting panicked by seeing Hijras from the next time I see them.

Yesterday, being Holi festival and me having classes at University had to go to the classes in the early morning. Suddenly at a traffic junction a Hijra came near Auto and asked for money on the occasion of festival. To my surprise I did not get panicked, I told him/her very calmly “Change ledandi, ee kamala pandu teesukondi” ( I don’t have change, please take this orange fruit). He/she took the fruit very happily and wished me Holi Subhakankshalu and left with a nice smile. Initially, that Hijra was surprised by the way I offered the fruit.  I too felt very nice about that. The happiness in that person really made my day. Am not joking, all these years I really never saw them calmly as I was scared of them.

However, this one incident does not mean that I will go and make friends with them when I see them and invite them for lunch or dinner at my place, still it makes me feel good that I have a respect for those people. Some times we feel good when we treat others well. Is’nt it???

Prasanna Rayaprolu


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

6 thoughts on “Wish they get a better treatment ~ Trans-genders in India

  1. Its good to show compassion for the fellow humans.. BUT ..I suggest keep distance from this TG gang ..most of them are thieves , goondas and other anti social beings.

    1. Anna! There is difference between hating them and not hating them. My point is about showing Humanity to them. Btw did I mention where in the post that next time I see TG gang near a signal..I will bring all of them to home in a meru cab and ask Amma to make Payasam, Pulihora and all 😦 😦 😦 . However there is nothing in wrong doing so for well educated and well behaved TG’s..which unfortunately I’ven’t seen till date except for TV shows…
      btw would be nice if you see this video..this is the program which I was talking about…

  2. Hi prasanna.
    Nice issue again.I too am very much frightened whenever I see Hijras. Inspite of watching very Progressive Hijras on various channels,I still am frightened whenever I see them at a Railway station or anywhere else.Because I feel some weirdness in the way they behave.But generally i don’t bring those feelings on my face.We feel the same may be not alone about Hijras,but about any other one who behave in a weird way.but I never pity them,as I feel that they are normal humans like us or probably super normal having the both genders within one.
    I feel that there are examples of Hijras who are both good and bad even from the vedic times.Brihannala
    In many regions they are given respectable equivalent names as thiru nangai(daughter of god) etc.
    So we need not be compassionate or generous.We just need to be normal.Even if we are frightened at the moment lets atleast not just pour out our feelings in their presence.It will probably make their lives better and this reduction of antipathy will probably reduce the number of Hijras into begging or into any other illegal activities.
    It is said “Charity begins at home”.So first step should be made by the families of these transgenders.An equal contribution must be made by every one of us.

    1. Hi Lalitha,
      Its always pleasure to know your interpretations of the issues. You come up with such matured comments 🙂 .Glad to have your views as always . Keep visiting this place and would be a pleasure to know your views on diff issues.

  3. thanx prasanna for sharing some issues shown on TV abt NGs i was ignorant about , also for the video. I have seen( can’t say met them ) lots of Hijras in my life but never saw anyone as a beggar . Majority of hijras in Punjab earn by dancing on weddings ( the next day of the weddings or few days before it) or when someone have a new born baby and everyone give them money, clothes without any problem as ppl consider it good ( but bargaining happens sometimes lol ), their blessings matter, well known fact their Badd-Dua never goes empty.

    But they Deserve the every right to live the life of a normal human being. Many also try to do so and well educated as this program showed. But another fact I heard a lot is that when some NG born in a family if Hijra community get to know that they want to get that baby in their community ( obviously Against the wishes of the family, who want that child to live a normal life ) does not matter how rich the family is NGs want to snatch that baby and want him/her to live the life they do. I have heard lots of times frm ppl that oh this and that family’s baby/ guy/girl is Hijra but they had hide the fact bcz they dont want Hijra community to take their child with them. I have no idea how much Truth in this fact.

    here is the video i m sharing they r dancing on a wedding

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