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Robin Sharma uvacha and Rayaprolu interprets : Deathbed Mentality

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Teaching Profession is such a dangerous job. Yep!!! I mean it!!! People from this teaching profession knowingly or unknowingly become preachy or give advise when some one is in a confusion or seeing some help. May be they don’t mean to ‘preach’ unnecessarily , however they  try to ‘teach’ unnecessarily. May be somewhere I still have that “Teacher Mentality” hidden in me. Today, a friend of mine started her day in a lousy manner. She is regretting that she liked something, studied something and she is working on something. She is worried about the “Career Path” ,  “Her goal in life” and all. She is good at singing and she wants to learn carnatic music in a professional manner. She feels that she did a mistake by not pursuing carnatic music. She hopes to learn music SOMEDAY in some RIGHT TIME!!!
She is a lively and bubbly dear friend of mine. I could not see her in that sad mood.  I just asked her “How old are you? Are you a Fossil fuel? Do you think that you are that old that you don’t have time and energy to do anything in life? Why do you feel as if you are dead? Why can’t you learn music Now? Do you think it that late to start afresh? What are you waiting for? When do you think is RIGHT TIME? ” . And its common sense, when people are little bit low, they religiously hear to the people whom they have faith in. So making this point as an advantage I started my Bhashan.
Thadha! An idea struck in my mind. I remembered my life line , Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who His Sold  Ferrari” in this book he mentions a concept called “The Deathbed Mentality”. I asked my friend to adopt “Deathbed Mentality”. My friend who is already little bit low today looked at me with a bed pan expression. She slowly asked ” Will you care to explain me about this Deathbed Mentality”. Not to scare my friend more, I explained her about this deathbed mentality concept. When some one is in deathbed, when they know that they have few days to live, they try to utilize their each day to the fullest extent, they do the things which they longed to do, they don’t waste their time in regret or any meaning less things. Basically they will try to make use of the TIME LEFT to the fullest potential. The outlook  of the people in deathbed towards  family members, friends and all other people really improves. They try to leave the world without regrets and they try to use every moment effectively and happily. By this time my friend looked at me with a smile and  I  concluded my Bhashan by saying ” Sweet Heart! To make our life effective, to understand the beauty of present life and present moment we need to adopt this Death Mentality.”
I wonder if this interaction with my friend helped her, however, it made me to introspect and look back at my life with a positive manner 🙂 . This is the beauty of teaching, you learn more every time you teach to others. I wish to quote some words from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” in this context :
“Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness. This is your birthright!Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured. Wipe out every thought of not achieving your objectives, whether they are material or spiritual. Be brave, and set no limits on the workings of your imagination. Never be a prisoner of your past.Become the architect of your future. You will never be the same.”


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Do you know where you’re going to?

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I have this habit of asking my Brother while travelling on the bike “Anna! Did we complete 10 percent of the distance to be covered. How much more time does it take to reach the destination”.  My Brother being so generous and kind enough answers this regular question of mine very patiently by saying “We completed 50 percent of the distance, we may reach in another half an hour” or some other distance and time factor depending on the distance we cover.

You might be surprised to hear that I ask this question for the regular distance I travel from office to home. I do know the exact distance from home to office. However, at the end of the day the eagerness to go home, the traffic on the road, tiredness and several other factors make me ask this silly question to my brother regularly.

Ok, the aspect of reaching from office to home is simple. We know the destination, we know the distance, we know the route and we can estimate the most probable risks like traffic jams, fuel etc , we have the risk management and change management plans ready for this aspect.

However, this knowledge is not applicable for the “Journey called LIFE”.  Life would have been so easy, wonderful if we really surely exactly know what is our destination, what is the distance to be travelled, how much time is required for reaching the destination, who are the fellow travellers , are any fellow travellers required in reaching our destination, if so who are they, what are the risks involved in this process of journey, what risk management and change management techniques need to be adopted .

Ayyyooo! Wish I knew !!!! Wish I knew where am I going to?

Do you people know???

Do you know where you’re going to?

Let us celebrate this confusion by hearing Maata Diana Ross’s Song :Do you know:

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? do you know?
Do you get what you’re hoping for?
When you look behind you there’s no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know?


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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No one is ever really alone

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“No one is ever really alone. Even when there’s no other person around, there still must be—Someone. Someone who made you and therefore cares what happens to you. Someone who will help you if you do the best you can. So you’re never alone. You can’t be alone, no matter what you do. That’s the secret of happiness, of doing things well, of everything.”  Arthur Gordon : The Star

PS: Found this wonderful quote when I was checking old books of my Big Brother. This quote is truly inspirational. It just reaffirms the necessity of having HOPE.


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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When Will Our Country Be A Developed Country?

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Yesterday was one of the hottest days in this summer. After meeting a friend in Madhapur I went back to home. All through the travel I observed leisurely either sides of the roads of Hyderabad. Obviously Madhapur is developing rapidly and we will wonder if we are really in India. It is such a posh area. On the contrary, I found some people literally in pathetic state on the streets in that hot weather.  These people donot have basic , decent shelter and basic facilities. This type of things are most common in our country. I have not discovered something new. However, this huge gap between the economic conditions of people in same country is something elusive, something painful.

Some how I feel very bad and so sad when I see poor people without basic amenities. We cannot brush aside this issue by saying “Oh! Those people are lazy, they don’t work hard, they don’t make an effort to improve. So they don’t deserve any sympathy”. It’s not like that, they do work hard a lot in extreme climatic conditions. They work in hot summers, they work in cool winters, they work in rains. Don’t they deserve better life? Don’t they have right to live a decent life?

It is so strange that we have debates in news channels about India being the next super power, India’s role in UN , India’s comparison with several nations in Europe and America and all. Yes, I am very proud that I’m an Indian. I love India. However, I’m not bothered if India will be next super power. I’m not bothered if India has a space mission to mars or saturn or pluto. Reason!!! Still there are crores of people in India who are below poverty line. Still there are crores of people who don’t have proper shelter, proper meal a day. Still there are crores of people who donot have basic education.

I’m not a pessimist. I live in reality. I cannot live in my own la la land by eating my own share of pizza or driving my own Lambhorgini car. It really bothers to see fellow people living in pathetic situations when we are leading decent life. Is there proper count of the entire people in India? Is Government for every person dwelling in India? If so then they deserve a better life. Yep. I agree people too have their own share of duties to be done. Still, every citizen of India living in India deserves a better life.

Every person should have decent shelter, proper food everyday. They need proper health care. When will all the people get these basic things? I have been studying right from my childhood that India is a developing country. I hope atleast my grand children read and feel that India is a developed country.

I really don’t know how people define the term “Development”, however, I feel a country or a place is developed when the people dwelling in that place have decent shelter, have decent food, decent living conditions and have decent education and working opportunity and conditions. Any nation which looks after its citizens properly by ensuring basic amenities is a Super Power.

May be this post does not have any goal and direction. May be I cannot do anything to change the poverty of the crores of people. May be my writing of this post in blog  does not help any person. Still, May be, May be….I may help as much I can at least  some people who are trying to improve their conditions. May be then I can say proudly “My country is a developed country” . There is nothing wrong in having HOPE 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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What if words in my blog have the power to speak?

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Upon lot of introspection, I felt that I need to change the theme of my blog. It has been so many years that I really cared about the looks of my blog.  The thought of changing the theme of my blog made me emotional. I some how have special bond with the previous theme of my blog, it is such a clean and green theme.

I like greenery anywhere whether its real life or internet life . So, I searched for a while different themes and finally chose this theme. Actually, one of my acquaintances adopted this theme for their blog and I felt that the layout is clean and neat. So I too applied the same theme for my blog. Nah! That’s not called COPYING. Its called getting INSPIRED 😉

Change is good , however it is inconvenient too. Dealing with NOSTALGIA is the biggest challenge in CHANGE. When I was dealing all these emotions I suddenly got a thought “What if words in my blog have the power to speak?” .

Immediately I started writing the emotions of WORDS in my blog ‘while undergoing the journey of change’. Here are those feelings of my words:

“Oh My Dear Prasanna!!! First of all thank us for bearing you all these years. You know what!!! It takes lot of courage, tons of patience, gallons of persistence to deal with you and your emotions. You are so inconsiderate towards us. You never bother to worry about our working hours, our capabilities. You write whenever you want and whatever you want.

Prasanna!!! Do you understand what are we saying? We are breaking our heads to understand your psychology. One day you sound like a simple, God Fearing , Old fashioned girl and on that day you write  cute words, other day you sound like a Harsh, Atheistic, Tom Boyish girl and on that day you write all unconventional stuff. Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! One day you write  Inspirational stuff and on that day when we try to come to a conclusion that you are an inspirational girl the next day itself you write stuff which makes one sob and sob and sob….!!! What sort of girl are you Prasanna!!! Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! One day you sound like a feminist and mind you give interesting examples to back your silly theories and by the time, we (words) start understanding you, you write another post shouting at the top of your voice ” Do women need reservation”. Prasanna!!!  For heaven sake, Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! Please would you mind confessing one thing!!! Don’t you write all the serious stuff in the name of “HUMOR”. To which variety of humor does your humor belong to??? Don’t you have guts to write the serious issues as they are without adding your stupid humor to those stuff. Is it necessary to add humor to those serious stuff. Please!!! Help us in understanding you !!!

Prasanna!!! One thing for sure.  Whatever item you are! Whatever species of mankind you belong to. We love you. All these years you were very sincere with us. You were never hypocritical with us. You shared your feelings with us without any hesitation. You had faith in us. Your trust in us means a lot to us. Its a big responsibility. We know that we are your best friends in the world. In fact you consider us as your family. So we too accept you as you are. We too have undergone several emotions of yours all these years. We cried when you cried, we laughed when you laughed.

Prasanna!!!  Today you wanted to make us more beautiful. You tried different themes. Initially we were very adamant. We showed our acceptance or refusal to the themes by adjusting in them and not adjusting in them. Prasanna!!! Some themes were so pathetic that we felt suffocated in those. However, you chose this theme, this sounds good. We have faith in you, we trust your choices. This theme is really spacious. We are really excited to change into new theme. However, as you know Prasanna!!! Change is good but it is inconvenient too. We feel like a new bride who moved from her maika to sasural. We feel soo nostalgic about our old theme. We remember all the good old days where we faced different situations of life. However, we being optimistic are looking forward with lot of Hope to this new theme. Prasanna!!! We really wish and pray that this new theme and change ADDS MORE COLORS TO YOUR LIFE. Have a nice time ahead”.



Prasanna Rayaprolu

PS: People who have fainted after reading this crazy post of mine are advised to take one glass of lemon water. Please don’t forget to add lil bit of sugar and salt to those lemon water. Lemon water helps people in getting instant energy.

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Swades Film Revisited :)

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This post is NOT a detailed and logical analysis on SWADES movie. I wish to post all the random thoughts of this lovely movie. I watched this movie on  TV yesterday again…may be for some 25th time or some 30th time. I never get bored watching this movie 😉 .

I love each and every character in this movie. The characters Gita and Mohan Bhargava are really wonderful characters. Gita is such an assertive lady who is very much dedicated to the mission of education in her village. She does not mind sacrificing her love for the sake of her pious mission.  Mohan is a scientist at NASA, obviously well-educated person , he renounces everything for the sake of his motherland.

This film is not a regular film where a hero is back of heroine running around trees and bushes with different costumes. This film is about two different individuals who are goal oriented and how they try to contribute for the development of their SWADES in the journey of their life.

The most important aspect of this film is the way these people try to put their mission in life on high pedestal than any other thing in LOVE or MONEY or POSITION. The concept of this film is not from utopia…its based on real life story .

One of my favorite scenes from this lovely movie. This is the scene when Gita expresses her views on Woman, Marriage and work , it’s truly inspirational and mind-blowing 😉

Yeh Tara Woh Tara -This is the song in which Mohan(SRK) tries to emphasize on the beauty of unity :

Pal Pal Hai Bhaari – This song beautifully explains “Ram”. Best part of the song is when Mohan(SRK) explains who is real RAM and real RAVAN:

Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera – This song is so serene and the beauty of motherland is explained very well

Oh…this post will be endless when I try to write to write about this movie. This is such a master piece that I love each and every bit of this film.

If you have’nt watched this movie, go and get the DVD right now and watch it 🙂 , meanwhile I will search for my version of Mohan Bharghava …are you there??? Do you exist at all???


Prasanna Rayaprolu

PS: There is some detailed analysis of this film in this site, do check it

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Cute Song “Lali Lali” From Indira

Some songs are just cute . This song “Lali Lali ” from the movie INDIRA is  directed by Smt.Suhasini Maniratnam. Shri A.R.Rahman composed music for this lovely film. The lyrics are pretty, the picturization is cute and one word this song is a superb song. It’s a feast to watch  and hear it.

I made an attempt to translate the lyrics into English. Please forgive me and correct me if there are any mistakes. Please feel free to drop suggestions on improvement 🙂

laali laali anu raagam saagutunTe yEvvaru nidurapOrE

(Why is that no one is sleeping even when the lullaby laali laali is being played)

chinna pOdamari chinnipraanam

(Won’t this kiddo’s soul feel bad)

kaasE vEnnElaku vEchE gaalullaku hrudayam kuduTa paDakE

(Why is this heart not stable even for these soothing moonlight and breeze)

anta chEda mari vEnu gaanam

(Is this flute music that bitter?)

kallu mEllukunTe kaala maagutunda bhaaramaina manasa

(Oh! Deeply hurt heart! Will the TIME stop if your eyes stay awake!!)


pagaTi baadalanni marichipOvuTaku

undi kaada yi yee kanta vEla

(This lonely time spent by you with yourself is meant only to forget your problems you undergo in the morning time)!!!!

samagapa pamapamaa danidaarisani

samagapa pamapamaa samagapa

pamapamaa danidaarisani samagapa sagamaa


yETo pOyyEti neeli mEgham

varsham chiliki vElasaa

(This passing blue cloud is sprinkling rain…)

sarigamama mapagaga

yEdO anTunndi kOyEla paaTa

raagam aalakinchara

(Why don’t you enjoy the serene singing of this cuckoo bird which is saying something)

sarigamama mapagaga

anni vaipulla madhuvanam

muDu mooyada anu kshanam

anuvanuvuna jeevitham

anda chEyyaga amrutam

(See this entire world which is like madhuvan(interesting place)..won’t it give you amrut(nectar))

laali laali anu raagam saagutunTe

yEvvaru nidurapOrE

(Why is that no one is sleeping even when the lullaby laali laali is being played)

chinna pOdamari chinnipraanam

(Won’t this  kiddo’s soul feel bad)

kaasE vEnnElaku vEchE gaalullaku

hrudayam kuduTa paDakE

(Why is this heart not stable even for these soothing moonlight and breeze)

anta chEda mari vEnu gaanam

(Is this flute music that bitter)

Prasanna Rayaprolu