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Ever Elegant Indian Dressing :)

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People say that girls are crazy about shopping, some even say that they lose their minds in shopping. Might be true in most of the cases. I have this  strange “inertia”  of  shopping, I will not have the capability to go to shopping and once I start shopping I don’t have the capability to stop shopping. I think this can be called as Inertia of Shopping. Shopping Sarees, Bangles and ear rings is a wonderful thing, of course when our card is not swiped.  Its summer time and its time to shop some more cotton dresses and cotton sarees.  Shops are full of wonderful cotton things.  Cotton being my favorite I never get bored of buying cotton sarees or cotton kurtas.  Thanks to my mom who looks after the affairs of starching and ironing those stuff  .

BTW how can I not mention about the speciality of cotton in India . India is rich in architecture and rich in textile heritage. For info, Indians are the first ones to find out the usage of cotton plant and make cotton garments.  Cotton garments are good for the health as they help the skin to breath. Wondering how can skin breathe? Think about it and do mail me if you get the answer . In Andhra Pradesh we have several varieties of Cotton Sarees namely Venkatagiri, Pochampalli, Gadwal,Dharmavaram, Mangalagiri, Paaturi etc. Each variety of these is unique , simple and elegant. Thanks to my mom who buys all the varieties of cotton . It’s nice to wear mom’s sarees  .  By the way, Trisha is looking awesome in  cotton sarees in the movie “vinnaithaandi varuvaaya” (Above picture of Trisha is from that movie itself). Seems Gautam Menon has some special interest towards these cotton sarees, all the heroines in his films are elegantly dressed in cotton sarees.

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Next comes the issue of Bangles. Ahh! Do take a visit to Hyderabad’s Laad Bazaar. It’s full of wonderful bangles. Glass Bangles, Metal Bangles, Special Hyderabadi Bangles etc. It’s such a feast to eyes to watch those bangles. Being a Hyderabadi, multiple visits to Laad Bazaar and other bangle bazaars helped me to have a decent collection of bangles at home. I like gifting bangles to friends and friends who know me well gifted several varieties of Bangles to me. No wonder, Mrs Sarojini Naidu got inspired to write the poem “Bangle Sellers” seeing the Hyderabadi Bangles. I think its apt to quote some lines from that poem :

Bangle sellers are we who bear
Our shining loads to the temple fair…
Who will buy these delicate, bright
Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,
For happy daughters and happy wives.

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How can we not speak about the twin sister to Bangles –  Ear Rings . In Hyderabad we get wonderful varieties of Ear Rings in Laad Bazar, Koti, Park Lane and General Bazar. Yep, we do get good varieties in Life Style, Shoppers Stop however, the beauty of the ear rings on the road side shops is different.

Right dress and right accessories make life easy and beautiful  . However, its tough to define what is right and what is wrong. We find some bollywood actresses draping saree so differently these days, and unfortunately some don’t bother about the decent blouses for those neat sarees. God Bless them 😦 . On the other hand we have several TV lady villains wearing variety of bangles and ear rings which we never get in market by God’s grace.


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2 thoughts on “Ever Elegant Indian Dressing :)

  1. Wow…wot a informative post didi …to b honest i m crazy about bangles and earrings..just love them 😀 ….abt sarees i really dont get a chance to wear them , but love cotton suits 😀

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