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Will You Be My Valentine!!!

Another Valentine’s Day. Does not make any difference to folks like me, however wish to send across affectionate message to some people.

According to me, Valentine’s Day is about celebration of Love and Love is a serene Energy and just as Energy is in different forms like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Nuclear Energy and all…..Love is in different forms like Love towards Parents, Love towards Siblings, Love towards Teachers, Love towards friends, Love towards partners( if at all those creatures exist), Love towards nature and all.

However, I wish to send my valentine day wishes to the below people with a special message:

1) Sonia Gandhi ji :

Dear Sonia Aunty!!! You are personification of Grace. Love you loads. I really admire you for your leadership qualities and the way you manage UPA by having right people in right position. We are relieved to have a stable Government at the center under your effective leadership. However, I have an issue to discuss – Food Inflation. Food Inflation is 18%;  prices of basic food products like rice, toor dal, onion and all are very high. If the prices increase further, it would be tough for majority of people in India to have proper complete meal in a day. Please do something more effectively to bring the prices in control.

Happy Valentine’s Day once again!!!

2) Sushma Swaraj ji :

Dear Sushma Aunty!!! Who deserves better valentine wishes than you who is celebrating birthday on valentine’s day. You are personification of Elegance. I have grown up watching your classy debating style. However, I have an issue to discuss. BJP is such a development oriented party and it brought excellent improvement in telecommunications and infrastructure in India during Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Prime ministership.  However, BJP is crumbling these days and this is so sad. Indian Democracy needs a strong opposition party. Please make much more efforts to strengthen BJP in all the dimensions. It would be nice if BJP concentrates more on people’s issues rather than religion.

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day once again!!!

3) Meira Kumar ji:

Dear Meira Aunty!!! Its very nice to have you as the speaker of Lok Sabha. You have done excellent job as an IFS. However, I have an issue. We send our MP’s to Parliament with lot of Hope and faith. We expect them to discuss  all the issues related to our development. Hope you ensure that in this 15th Lok Sabha MP’s are given proper time to discuss ‘useful issues’ and hope you ensure that they do not waste precious time during parliament proceedings in petty issues.

Happy Valentines Day !!!

4) Sabitha Indra Reddy ji:

Dear Sabitha Aunty!!!

Its very nice to have you as First Woman Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh. In fact, this is the first time that a woman is appointed as Home Minister for an Indian state. However, I have an issue to discuss. Because of the agitations in the state common people, daily laborers and  students are suffering.  It would be nice if you are more assertive and would like you to use your expertise to the maximum level.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

5) Karthika Reddy ji:

Dear Karthika Di!!! We are proud to have you as the First Woman Mayor of Hyderabad(GHMC). We are glad to have a a post-graduate in sociology as a Mayor. Indeed you are inspiration to all of us. However, I have an issue. Please make Hyderabad  much more better place. Please coordinate with the city police to control the traffic jams in the city.  Some of the roads in the city are really problematic. Please check all these issues and am hopeful that you will do all these successfully.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Ok. First I need to draft emails for above ladies to ask “Will you be my Valentine”. It would be really my privilege to have a coffee with these powerful ladies of India.

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely people in my life.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

6 thoughts on “Will You Be My Valentine!!!

  1. Good and very lovely message, Prasanna.

    I pray and hope that your Valentine wish gets fulfilled very soon.

    Keep writing and be an inspiration to many.

    God bless you

  2. Prasanna,

    I like your way of addressing some of the social issues… in your valentines day wishes… very innovative.. 🙂
    It wud be good if these wishes reaches them…

    ~ Pradeep

    1. Hey Pradeep,
      So sweet of you 🙂
      Hope the wishes reach them and wish anyone of them would invite me for a coffee atleast.

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