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Ever Elegant Indian Dressing :)

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People say that girls are crazy about shopping, some even say that they lose their minds in shopping. Might be true in most of the cases. I have this  strange “inertia”  of  shopping, I will not have the capability to go to shopping and once I start shopping I don’t have the capability to stop shopping. I think this can be called as Inertia of Shopping. Shopping Sarees, Bangles and ear rings is a wonderful thing, of course when our card is not swiped.  Its summer time and its time to shop some more cotton dresses and cotton sarees.  Shops are full of wonderful cotton things.  Cotton being my favorite I never get bored of buying cotton sarees or cotton kurtas.  Thanks to my mom who looks after the affairs of starching and ironing those stuff  .

BTW how can I not mention about the speciality of cotton in India . India is rich in architecture and rich in textile heritage. For info, Indians are the first ones to find out the usage of cotton plant and make cotton garments.  Cotton garments are good for the health as they help the skin to breath. Wondering how can skin breathe? Think about it and do mail me if you get the answer . In Andhra Pradesh we have several varieties of Cotton Sarees namely Venkatagiri, Pochampalli, Gadwal,Dharmavaram, Mangalagiri, Paaturi etc. Each variety of these is unique , simple and elegant. Thanks to my mom who buys all the varieties of cotton . It’s nice to wear mom’s sarees  .  By the way, Trisha is looking awesome in  cotton sarees in the movie “vinnaithaandi varuvaaya” (Above picture of Trisha is from that movie itself). Seems Gautam Menon has some special interest towards these cotton sarees, all the heroines in his films are elegantly dressed in cotton sarees.

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Next comes the issue of Bangles. Ahh! Do take a visit to Hyderabad’s Laad Bazaar. It’s full of wonderful bangles. Glass Bangles, Metal Bangles, Special Hyderabadi Bangles etc. It’s such a feast to eyes to watch those bangles. Being a Hyderabadi, multiple visits to Laad Bazaar and other bangle bazaars helped me to have a decent collection of bangles at home. I like gifting bangles to friends and friends who know me well gifted several varieties of Bangles to me. No wonder, Mrs Sarojini Naidu got inspired to write the poem “Bangle Sellers” seeing the Hyderabadi Bangles. I think its apt to quote some lines from that poem :

Bangle sellers are we who bear
Our shining loads to the temple fair…
Who will buy these delicate, bright
Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,
For happy daughters and happy wives.

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How can we not speak about the twin sister to Bangles –  Ear Rings . In Hyderabad we get wonderful varieties of Ear Rings in Laad Bazar, Koti, Park Lane and General Bazar. Yep, we do get good varieties in Life Style, Shoppers Stop however, the beauty of the ear rings on the road side shops is different.

Right dress and right accessories make life easy and beautiful  . However, its tough to define what is right and what is wrong. We find some bollywood actresses draping saree so differently these days, and unfortunately some don’t bother about the decent blouses for those neat sarees. God Bless them 😦 . On the other hand we have several TV lady villains wearing variety of bangles and ear rings which we never get in market by God’s grace.


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Will You Be My Valentine!!!

Another Valentine’s Day. Does not make any difference to folks like me, however wish to send across affectionate message to some people.

According to me, Valentine’s Day is about celebration of Love and Love is a serene Energy and just as Energy is in different forms like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Nuclear Energy and all…..Love is in different forms like Love towards Parents, Love towards Siblings, Love towards Teachers, Love towards friends, Love towards partners( if at all those creatures exist), Love towards nature and all.

However, I wish to send my valentine day wishes to the below people with a special message:

1) Sonia Gandhi ji :

Dear Sonia Aunty!!! You are personification of Grace. Love you loads. I really admire you for your leadership qualities and the way you manage UPA by having right people in right position. We are relieved to have a stable Government at the center under your effective leadership. However, I have an issue to discuss – Food Inflation. Food Inflation is 18%;  prices of basic food products like rice, toor dal, onion and all are very high. If the prices increase further, it would be tough for majority of people in India to have proper complete meal in a day. Please do something more effectively to bring the prices in control.

Happy Valentine’s Day once again!!!

2) Sushma Swaraj ji :

Dear Sushma Aunty!!! Who deserves better valentine wishes than you who is celebrating birthday on valentine’s day. You are personification of Elegance. I have grown up watching your classy debating style. However, I have an issue to discuss. BJP is such a development oriented party and it brought excellent improvement in telecommunications and infrastructure in India during Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Prime ministership.  However, BJP is crumbling these days and this is so sad. Indian Democracy needs a strong opposition party. Please make much more efforts to strengthen BJP in all the dimensions. It would be nice if BJP concentrates more on people’s issues rather than religion.

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day once again!!!

3) Meira Kumar ji:

Dear Meira Aunty!!! Its very nice to have you as the speaker of Lok Sabha. You have done excellent job as an IFS. However, I have an issue. We send our MP’s to Parliament with lot of Hope and faith. We expect them to discuss  all the issues related to our development. Hope you ensure that in this 15th Lok Sabha MP’s are given proper time to discuss ‘useful issues’ and hope you ensure that they do not waste precious time during parliament proceedings in petty issues.

Happy Valentines Day !!!

4) Sabitha Indra Reddy ji:

Dear Sabitha Aunty!!!

Its very nice to have you as First Woman Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh. In fact, this is the first time that a woman is appointed as Home Minister for an Indian state. However, I have an issue to discuss. Because of the agitations in the state common people, daily laborers and  students are suffering.  It would be nice if you are more assertive and would like you to use your expertise to the maximum level.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

5) Karthika Reddy ji:

Dear Karthika Di!!! We are proud to have you as the First Woman Mayor of Hyderabad(GHMC). We are glad to have a a post-graduate in sociology as a Mayor. Indeed you are inspiration to all of us. However, I have an issue. Please make Hyderabad  much more better place. Please coordinate with the city police to control the traffic jams in the city.  Some of the roads in the city are really problematic. Please check all these issues and am hopeful that you will do all these successfully.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Ok. First I need to draft emails for above ladies to ask “Will you be my Valentine”. It would be really my privilege to have a coffee with these powerful ladies of India.

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely people in my life.


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Gooood Morning God!!!

Memory is a bad thing. Its the villain of our life 😉 , whenever we try to start something fresh it comes suddenly “Dhan te nan, te ne ne na….Dhan te nan, te ne ne na…Dhan te nan, te ne ne na…” and reminds us of past failures. Most of the times, we just brush aside that “Dhan te nan, te ne ne na” reminder of our memory and we proceed ahead. However, sometimes we get into the trap of ‘memory’ and struggle to get out of it.

Past two days were such crazy days of mine. When I get into such mood I go into silent mode. Donot mistake my “Silent Mode” to complete silence !!!!! No way!!! Silent Mode means controlled talk time. In this silent mode, I behave like a typical text bookish gooody Indian girl. I talk very softly, very slowly, very obediently , very limitedly on limited issues unlike my usual talks which go on for ages on any topic, I smile unlike my usual loud laughter.  Silent Mode is the only time when I am complete terms with my mother, I agree to whatever she says…by saying “Ok Amma! Yes Amma!” unlike usual times. My mother too does not enjoy my silent mode for much hours 😉 . I sing all types of bollywood , tollywood songs which makes one cry cry cry….songs in my silent mode include “Kal Ho Na Ho….Jag Soona Soona…Jagamanta Kutumbam naadi….” . I don’t sing these songs completely I restrict my selves only to first stanza as I am not that good at memorizing song lyrics.

This time,  I tried to get out of my silent mode by reading lot of inspirational stuff from the books, blog posts of friends, heard lot of music, had talks with parents, brothers, nephews and friends. I did all the things possible…meanwhile my colleagues wondered about the reason for my silent mode attitude .  Some one asked me secretly “Hey! Did you scold anyone?  ” (knowing my nature….I don’t get scolded in happens the other way…). Some were secretly enjoying my “Silent Mode”…they were happy that they got Vimukti/salvation from my talks. However, I know that I am God’s own unique creation. I am back to my normal mode again today, silent mode is just a temporary mode ….

Mean while in the past two days I explored different poems and liked this poem the best. Do check it and read it to get inspired during your silent mode days.

Good Morning God by  Helen Steiner Rice

You are ushering in another day
untouched and freshly new,
so here I come to ask You God if
You’ll renew me too?

Forgive the many errors that
I made yesterday,
and let me try again dear God,
to walk closer in Thy way.

But Father, I am well aware
I can’ t make it on my own.
So take my hand and hold it tight
for I can’t walk alone.


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Voila!!! Mannipaaya-Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa


A.R.Rahman, the Mozart of Madras does it again!!! He is back with his wonderful songs again!!!

A.R.Rahman’s music composition in  Gautam Menon’s forthcoming movie Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (English Translation: Will You Cross The Skies and come to me? ) is very good .  In general, A.R.Rahman sings atleast one song in his films. In this film , Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, he sang along with  our melody queen Shreya Ghosal this song called “Mannipaaya” . The song is so soothing and the lyrics are very touching.

Upon googling I could get the video and the lyrics of the song with English Translation here.  Hope you enjoy hearing this wonderful song :

kadalinil meenaaga irundhavaL naan
unakkena karai thaandi vandhavaL dhaan
thudithirundhen tharaiyinile
thirumbivittEn en kadalidame

(I was a fish in the ocean and
I crossed the shores for you
I was struggled on the land
and returned back to my ocean)

oru naaL sirithEn, maru naaL veruthEn
unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithEnE
mannipaaya mannipaaya.. .

(One day i smiled, the next day i was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me. Will you forgive me)

thadumaari thadumaari nadandhEn
noolilaana mazhai aagi ponen
unnaal dhaan kalaignanaai aanenE

(I struggled to walk
I became a rain made of thread
I became an artist because of you)

tholai dhoorathil veLicham nee
unai nokiye enai eerkiraaye
melum melum urugi urugi
unai eNNi Engum idhaiyathai enna seivEn
Oh unai eNNi Engum idhaiyathai enna seivEn

(You are the light at a distance..
You draw me towards you
What do i do to the heart that
melts at the thought of you)

Odum neeril Or alai dhaan naan
uLLe uLLa eeram nee dhaan
varam kidaithum naan thavara vittEn
mannipaaya anbE

(I’m a wave in the running water (and)
You are the moist within me
I missed the blessing that i got
will you forgive me love)

kaatrilE aadum kaagidham naan
nee dhaan ennai kadidham aakinaai
anbil thodangi anbil mudikkirEn
en kaalam varai ???

(I’m the paper that floats in the air
You made me into a letter
I start and end with love
Until my lifetime ???)

oru naaL sirithEn, maru naaL veruthEn
unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithEne
mannipaaya mannipaaya.. .

(One day i smiled, the next day i was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me. Will you forgive me)

anbirkum undo adaikkumthaazh aarvalar
punkaNeer poosal tharum

This is a verse from Thirukural:
(Affection cannot be confined by shutters;
Uncontrollable tears will roll down spontaneously when one sees the sufferings of loved ones)

anbilaar ellaam thamakkuriyar anbudaiyaar
enbum uriyar pirarku

Another verse from Thirukural:
(One who doesn’t love is possessive about everything;
One who loves would even be willing to part their bones)

En en vaazhvil vandhaai kaNNa nee
povaayo kaanal neer polE thondri
anaivarum urangidum iravenum neram
enakkadhu thalaiyaNai nanaithidum eeram

(Why did you come into my life my dear
Will you vanish like a mirage
Night is the time when everyone sleeps
But thats the time for me to wet the pillows with tears)

oru naaL sirithEn, maru naaL veruthEn
unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithEne
mannipaaya mannipaaya.. .

(One day i smiled, the next day i was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me. Will you forgive me)

thadumaari thadumaari nadandhEn
noolilaana mazhai aagi ponen
unnaal dhaan kalaignanaai aanenE

(I struggled to walk
I became a rain made of thread
I became an artist because of you)

Source for this Lyrics :  I have pasted this above lyrics straightly from this site . This site seems to be a good site maintained by a sincere fan of Shreya Ghosal 🙂 .


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Ban The Old Age Homes: Its All About Loving Your Parents

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Yep!!! By seeing the title of this post you might be wondering  if  I had gone insane. I have a valid reason to convince you people about my insanity.

During a morning walk with my Dad, we happened to meet an acquaintance of ours. He is such a bubbly, energetic gentleman. He said casually to us that his mom is going to visit their house that day. Dad asked him casually  from which town is his mother coming to the city. He, very coolly… casually replied…same city…from Begumpet OLD AGE Home. Dad and Me were shocked. We could not hide our emotions. That gentleman was trying to continue his casual talk by saying that his Mom is not compatible with his wife. What surprised Dad and me was this gentleman himself is an Old Man. He is very rich gentleman. He has a lavish bungalow with several rooms, lawns in it.  He has a married son at home. He happily lives with his grandson. He does not have space for his OWN OLD MOTHER.  From then onwards, whenever I see that gentleman I somehow don’t feel the respect I had earlier.

We used to a have a tenant in our downstairs. They were having a marriage day function at their home. We used to think that they had no parents. Suddenly on that function day an elderly lady graced the function. She brought lots of gifts to them. Next day, my mom asked our tenant who was that elderly lady. Our tenant casually replied “My Mother in Law”. My mother asked “Ok. You have a mother in law? You never said”. My tenant said blushing like a new bride, “She lives in Hyderabad itself..she lives in an Old Age Home”. My mother being from the older generations and not used to this old age home concepts , got panicked hearing such stuff.

Sometime back I got an opportunity to visit the old age home with my friends. People in that old age home were not poor ECONOMICALLY. They were not orphans LEGALLY. We interacted with each one of them. What really touched me was they craving for LOVE and affection. They were constantly saying “We are not poor. We are not poor”. When we spoke them for more than 15 minutes, then shared their stories. Some of them have their sons and daughters in Hyderabad itself. Sons and daughters left them in this old age home as they don’t have time for these people in their busy life. Some left their parents in old age home as they are not compatible with their partners.

Seeing all these I really really feel that old age homes need to be banned. These old age homes are the jails of the PARENTS of  all senseless, inhumane morons.  Strangely, these are special kinds of jails in which the criminals send the victims to the jail. What in the world is more important than the parents. Parents need children every time and they need them more in their OLD AGE. Old age is the age where they spend their retired lives happily with the children and grand children. Grand Parents and grand children make a lovely combination.

Parents are a treasure.  They need to be looked more carefully in their old age in particular. They are like babies who need lot of care and love. I don’t say that every person becomes GOOD, MAHAN by default when they reach old age. However, age need to be respected and considered. We need to understand their acts and psychology too. Reason!!! We too are humans..we too are bound to become OLD. It’s a natural process!!! What irritates me more is the most common reason cited for sending people to old age homes : COMPATIBILITY ISSUE.  They say innocently, my wife and my mother/father don’t get along well. I thought my mother will be happy in Old age home and all. Which mother or father longs to live in a separate place…far away from their children. How and why should they adjust in new place far away from family? Why is that people just love their partners ….do they think that their partners are dropped from skies or do they feel that their partners are test tube babies??? Why can’t they have respect to the parents of their partners? If people have respect for their own parents and the parents of the partners…the necessity of OLD AGE HOME does not arise.

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Take some time to speak to your parents. Tell them that you care them. There is nothing wrong and mean in showing your affection to your parents, after all they are your parents. Pledge that you will never allow any son/ daughter to send their parents to Old age homes.

By the way, got to go , I need to fight with my Mom on the issue of my favorite tomato pickle, need to ask Dad if he brought white sheets and pencils for assignments. When did I say that am not a problematic  daughter….;)


Prasanna Rayaprolu